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Iconic comedian and actor Rik Mayall passed away age 56 on Monday, 9 June 2014. In an interview on The Stephen Nolan Show, television producer Paul Jackson looked back on what it was like working with him on shows like The Young Ones and Filthy Rich & Catflap, and recalled five major comic characters Rik created that have left a lasting impression on audiences:

Investigative journalist Kevin Turvey in sketch show A Kick Up The Eighties

Paul Whitehouse introduces cult character Kevin Turvey

The sketch show gave exposure to Rik Mayall's Redditch-based reporter and lead to a one-off mockumentary, The Man Behind The Green Door.

Anarchist Rick in The Young Ones 

Neil (Nigel Planer), Mike (Christopher Ryan), Rick and Vyvyan (Adrian Edmonson) deal with a vampire

First broadcast in 1982, the anarchic sitcom revolved around four degenerate undergraduates living together in North London and brought alternative comedy to mainstream audiences.

Lord Flashheart in Blackadder II 

Lord Flashheart arrives just in time for Blackadder's (Rowan Atkinson) wedding

Rik's cameo as the much loved Lord Flashheart in the classic sitcom was followed by an appearance as his descendant Squadron Commander Flashheart in Blackadder Goes Forth.

Conservative MP Alan B’Stard in ITV’s political satire The New Statesman

Watch clips and a full episode of The New Statesman at BFI Screenonline.

Richard Dangerous, who became Richard “Richie” Richard in Bottom

Richie (Rik Mayall) and flatmate Eddie (Adrian Edmonson) devise a scheme to get cash on Halloween

The sitcom first shown on BBC Two in 1991 centred on two grotesque, unemployed best friends living together in a filthy flat in Hammersmith and was known for its cartoonish slapstick violence.

In honour of Rik Mayall, an episode of Bottom and Comedy Connections about The Young Ones will be rebroadcast on BBC Two.

Episode one of Bottom is on Sunday, 15 June at 10.30pm on BBC Two and BBC Two HD and 10.55pm on BBC Two NI.

The Young Ones episode of Comedy Connections is on Sunday, 15 June at 11pm on BBC Two and BBC Two HD and 11.25pm on BBC Two NI.

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