Supermarket Secrets: Feeding a nation


In presenting Supermarket Secrets I have had the most incredible insight into one of the undoubted phenomena of the modern era.

Quite how supermarkets have become such an essential part of our lives is an amazing and thought-provoking story.

The weather plays a huge factor in what we buy, especially when the sun comes out

I know of no other industry that is so interwoven into the fabric of our society, yet gets so little love from that very society.

Can anyone reading this think of any other business or service that is used by such a high percentage of the population, yet comes under such criticism?

Virtually everybody in the UK uses supermarkets, yet few of us seem to enjoy it. Many of us go as far as to say the supermarkets have not only destroyed the High Street but also parts of our community and even our Britishness.

Why if this is so, do so many of us visit them and spend our hard-earned money?

Never before this series have the supermarkets allowed television so much access to their inner workings.

Over the course of a year I watched, worked, probed and filmed the technical teams, the product developers and the buyers from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and the Co-operative.

Has Gregg got what it takes to be a master butcher?

It is an incredible story. These people play a huge part nowadays in the feeding of a nation. How on earth do you do that? How do you get so many eggs fresh on a shelf every day? That’s just for starters.

What do we want when the sun shines? What do we want when it gets cold? Do we all want the same thing?

I, like most of us I should imagine, don’t give it a moment’s thought. I wander in to my local supermarket with a list of the things I want. It’s mostly food but it could be carpet cleaner, mouth wash or a television.

I don’t wonder how these things got into the store: I just take it for granted that what I want is going to be there.

Once I started thinking about it my head exploded. Every sporting occasion, every bank holiday, every religious festival and every single change in temperature will dramatically alter what it is we want to buy.

I, with the help of some very dedicated and patient television makers, have followed the story of the produce on our shelves from planning, through purchasing, transport and packing.

I promise you, the scale, the work and the science that goes on behind it is amazing.

Gregg Wallace is the presenter of Supermarket Secrets.

Supermarket Secrets begins on Thursday, 4 July at 9pm on BBC One. For further programme times please see the episode guide.

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