Rastamouse: Q&A with the animators

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Rastamouse. For those not yet in the know, he's all about Makin' A Bad Ting Good. As are Dinamo Productions, the Welsh company behind the stop motion animation for this new hit children's programme.

We bartered some cheese in exchange for an interview with joint managing director Aron Evans.

Rastamouse is a new children's animated series following the eponymous crime fighting, guitar playing, skateboarding hero and his band of mystery solving, friends and reggae-playing musicians - the Easy Crew. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look on BBC iPlayer.

The stop motion animation series is based on the books written by Genevieve Webster and Michael De Souza, and the character of Rastamouse is voiced by British actor and presenter Reggie Yates.

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Laura Chamberlain is assistant producer on the BBC Wales Arts blog.

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