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Can I introduce BBC Three's new autumn showreel to you?

This season we are excited to bring young audiences a unique range of thought-provoking factual programmes, innovative British drama, and unique comedy and entertainment.

2010 has been a very successful year so far. Young audiences are up a further 14%, with the channel reaching over five million 16 to 34s each week. In our broadcast hours, BBC Three is now reaching more young people than E4 and ITV2.

More importantly, viewers are recognising the unique quality and range of the channel's output. In March, our award-winning documentary on the lives of women in post-Taliban Afghanistan - Women, Weddings, War and Me - got the highest audience appreciation score of any factual programme on any channel ever reported. The audience appreciation score is calculated through the TV Pulse survey, which measures our audiences' enjoyment of TV programmes.

Alongside it, series like Blood, Sweat and Luxuries, Being Human, Mongrels, and Russell Howard's Good News, are winning BBC Three great loyalty and affection with young British viewers.

In the coming months, we hope to build on this success with more new programmes, and a rich range to the schedule that young viewers will not find elsewhere on British television.

In current affairs, BBC Three will explore a range of complex subjects that have a particular relevance to young viewers including child soldiers, forced marriages, bullying, and sex trafficking.

Thought-provoking documentary has also become a hallmark of the channel now, and the Adult season this year will provide a context for us to explore themes including caring for a parent with mental health problems, living with blindness, and education.

We are also using the BBC Three blog to hear your stories about growing up and coming of age. If you'd like, you can share your stories and thoughts on the subject, so please join the conversation.

And of course comedy remains central to the channel's remit and reputation. The wonderful talents of Simon Brodkin in break-out hit Lee Nelson's Well Good Show, and the acclaimed adult puppet show Mongrels (see the creator's post on this blog) will be followed this autumn by the return of Johnny Vegas in Ideal and Dan Clark in How Not To Live Your Life.

Alongside these much-loved shows, comes new comedy in the shape of Him And Her. It's a beautifully written piece by Stefan Golaszweski, and stars Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani.

In drama, we move from the supernatural to the streets of Glasgow for a new lesbian relationship drama, Lip Service. Written by Harriet Braun, it's a seductive and addictive series, and a strong piece of authored work.

And finally in entertainment, Russell Howard returns with more of his Good News, and we're delighted to welcome Simon Bird to BBC Three as the star of a new studio entertainment show, The King Is Dead. It is part panel show, part celebrity interview, and part scripted comedy. It is unique and surprising, with lots of young British talent at its heart.

I hope this gives you a good sense of the creative range of programmes on BBC Three in the coming months. We are now established as a firm favourite with young audiences but we plan to keep working hard to discover exciting new talent, and deliver bold and thought-provoking ideas to young viewers.

Danny Cohen is controller of BBC Three.

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