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Editor, BBC TV blog

I knew the BBC had a very decent range of blogs coming from news, radio, TV and more - but it surprised me to know there's actually almost 300 of them from - from Zane Lowe to Formula 1 to The Archers.

The BBC blogs homepage has just been relaunched so that it showcases all the blogs all the better. To take you through the redesign, product manager Jessica Shiel has written this post on the BBC Internet blog.

As TV fans you may well have already seen the blogs from EastEnders, Comedy, Strictly, Watchdog and more... but just have a browse through the A to Z at the bottom of the new blogs homepage just to appreciate how varied the range is!

There's a short pop-up survey on the new homepage for feedback (more details in Jessica's post) and of course, you can leave any comments about the new homepage on her post.

Fiona Wickham is the editor of the BBC TV blog.


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