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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 5 November 2012

Ste McCabe - cover of his Harrowing Breakdown EP
Ste McCabe - cover of his Harrowing Breakdown EP

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by friends and colleagues and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website.

In addition, every Wednesday the mixtape is published on the BBC 6 Music Soundcloud page and added to these tracklistings - along with more info about each of the artists. These are the listings for Monday, 5th November 2012:

XOVA - 9 Lives – [starts 00:13]
From Birmingham, numbering seven in their ranks, XOVA (pronounced "Crossover") are a multi-racial, multi-generational roots outfit. Driving the band on is the very real tragedy that inspired ‘Knife Crime City’, the first single from their album Synchronise Your Leaders: namely, the tragic shooting and killing of drummer Skin’s teenage son, a victim of Birmingham’s gun culture and gang wars. This song is taken from their EP The Soho Road Sessions, which is available this month.

BETHANY WEIMERS - 30000 Days – [starts 04:06]
Armed with a single microphone, Pro Tools, and a vocal booth fashioned from sleeping bags and an upturned couch, London born, Oxford raised alt-folk artist Bethany Weimers spent much of 2011 a hermit, performing, recording and producing her debut album ‘Harpsichord Row’. It was released in May. Since then, her songs have been heard here on 6 Music and BBC Introducing Oxford, as well as Amazing Radio. She is shortly to embark on a min-tour of Belgium and The Netherlands.

STE McCABE - Bargains Galore - [starts 08:01]
Ste McCabe is an electro-queer-pop-punk singer who has been touring constantly across the UK and Europe for over 6 years, earning him major features in Artrocker Magazine, Time Out London and GT as well as receiving repeated BBC radio airplay from the likes of Huw Stephens and Tom Robinson. His new album "Bad Kitty" (released on Cherryade Records on 29/10/12) blends pop beats, fuzzy guitars, creepy synths, sarcastic working class, gay politics and riot grrrl inspired punk with lyrics which range from the hilariously cutting and self-depricating through to dark depictions of a very messed up Britain. Ste puts on community band nights in Edinburgh called Pussy Whipped, which showcase queer and/or female alternative/punk/electro bands and musicians.

THE BIG SUN - Time I Bought a Boat - [starts 12:50]
The Big Sun are an indie band from Oxford, fronted by teenage singer songwriter Berry and backed by ex-members of Candyskins and Ride. They have no web page of their own that we could find - and they provided no infomation about themselves when sending their music to the BBC Introducing Uploader. All we can tell you is that their next gig is on 17th November in Flanagan’s Bar, Newbridge.

THE SPOOK SCHOOL - Cameraman - [starts 13:56]
The Spook School are (they proudly proclaim) "fast and slow, loud and quiet, melancholy and fun, naive and witty, rubbish in the best possible way". They're a four piece indie-pop-rock-'n-roll band from Edinburgh consisting of Adam and Naomi Todd, Niall McCaulay and Anna Cory. This song is available to download for free from their beautifully made website. They have a very DIY ethos, giving out hand-drawn CDs of home-recorded demos at gigs and filling up their website with silly letters and drawings.

THE CRY BABY - In Halves - [starts 17:15]
Hailing from North London, Anna Waldmann's music is largely shaped from a background of having to undertake adult responsibilities since she was a child, she was a full time carer for her mum and gran. This experience has, she feels, given her music "the maturity of somebody who grew up too early and the childishness of somebody who wants their childhood back". She was classically trained on piano and violin and on The Cry Baby project she accompanies herself on keys. Lukasz Pajak adds atmospheric electric guitar, Sam Campbell contributes the drums while bass is supllied by Agostino Collura. In the studio, the band are working with producer Dave Pemberton.

K-RODD - Big Society - [starts 21:19]
K-Rodd are the the American/Welsh duo of Kris Davis and Rod Evans who love to experiment with sounds:  "rock, indie, electro, pop, nothing is sacred" they say "All shall be used and abused." This track is taken from their 5 track debut EP The Snowflake Conspiracy, released on 1st December. "We're currently gigging in cover bands to keep ourselves occupied and out of mischief. All our music is free to download and we're back in the studio mid November.  If anyone likes what they hear and would like us to perform anywhere in the UK, don't hesitate to contact us."

MONO LIFE - The Mono Sound - [starts 25:55]
Mono Life is the electronic alias of East Yorkshire based musician/producer/DJ Mark Osborne-Lawn. Using vintage synths, beats and loops he aims to create "soulful soothing sonic soundscapes", taking inspiration from Orbital, Leftfield and DJ Shadow. Mark is currently finishing tracks for the debut Mono Life album Love and Death. Two of the tracks from the forthcoming album will be aired during a live session for BBC Introducing Humberside on 25th November.

LOUIS BARABBAS & THE BEDLAM SIX - Three Down, Four To Go - [starts 31:23]
Louis Barabbas is a composer, performer and label director, best known for caustic love songs and energetic stage shows. His performance career began in the Captive Audience Theatre Company but later switched to music as harmonica player for a number of bands spread across the genre spectrum (including performances with members of Freddy & The Dreamers, The Holmes Brothers, The King Blues and The Dole Queue). In 2006 he turned front-man and formed Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six. To this day the group has played all over the world, sharing the stage with such disparate acts as Motorhead, Supergrass, The Blockheads and Sun Ra’s Arkestra. This track is taken from a 3 track EP of the same name.

WHISKY STAIN - Wooden Coat - [starts 34:25]
Whisky Stain are a duo who perform what they describe as ‘Blues Drenched Indie’. Luke and Robb met in The Old Anchor Pub east side of the A10 - one with no cash, the other with a broken arm. But they hit it off. Shortly after they commenced a CD pressing campaign with their debut single ‘I Can’t be Your Love’, they proceeded to showcase their material throughout the alternative venues and pubs of London receiving positive support. This single was released in October and is available digitally.

TaZzZ - Radha (ft. Kan D Man, Raver (PMG), Raxstar, RKZ & Menis) - [starts 36:36]
TaZzZ is an MC, rapper, producer & sound engineer, who also runs his own music studio called TaZzZ RecordingZ in East London. Early January saw the release of "Radha", which was taken from his mixtape, TaZzZ-Mania. The single features some of the biggest and brightest names from the UK Urban music scene - including Raxstar, RKZ, Menis, PMG & Punjabi rapper Kan D Man - and caused a sensation on its release earlier this year. So far the video for Radha has had over 69,000 plays and counting.

DEAD CANNONS - Caterpillar Song - [starts 41:03]
Dead Cannons are an indie rock quartet from Colchester and London. They use piano, drums, guitars and harmonising voices to make, they say, "a soulful pop sound that is thoughtful, fun, uplifting and really packs a punch". Their debut album Dead Cannon's Love Music Collective was released in March 2011, and their followup album Gasconade has just been released. They describe it as "our first foray into the world of DIY recording and is the happiest, most lively set of songs we’ve ever made. We’re dead proud of it!! Songs about life, love, rebellion and caterpillars…"

JEMMA TWEEDIE - Draw The Line - [starts 44:46]
Jemma Tweedie describes herself as a 19 year old, self-taught singer/songwriter from the highlands of Scotland, now based in Glasgow. "I recieved my first guitar at Christmas last year and had no TV in my Uni halls so quickly found a passion for songwriting. I began gigging in August and have so far been lucky enough to support Charlotte Church and Houdini Dax." Not bad going, you may think, for somebody who's been playing less than a year! Her influences include Johnny Cash and Ellie Goulding.

MUTADO PINTADO - Donnie Mansfield King of the Worker Bees - [starts 48:02]
Mutado Pintado is the solo project of US expat Craig Louis Higgins Jr from Cape Cod. Now based in South London we've previously heard his work in collaboration with Nathaniel Kidd and as lead vocalist with his own band Black Daniel - both of which featured in our mixtapes earlier this year. Craig cites his influences as "life, love, anger, irony, affection, affliction, friction, and family". This is the title track from his King Of The Worker Bees EP while his new single Carbon Copies is getting a lot of love both on Xfm and in the blogosphere. You can hear and "like" it on Hype Machine here.

THE TALKS - Can Stand The Rain (ft NEVILLE STAPLE) - [starts 51:22]
The Talks began life in the summer of 2006 in Hull. Their first demo 'Teachers' received the attention of Paul Heaton from the Beautiful South, who placed it in the top 10 list for his radio show. In 2007, the band were also invited along to play the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds Festival and the same year also appeared at the Glastonbury Festival.  They’ve also been on the road with The Beat and Neville Staple, who features on this track.

MT. WOLF - Life Size Ghosts (CATCHING FLIES Remix) [starts 54:52]
Mt Wolf are Kate Sproule, Stevie McMinn, Sebastian Fox and Al Mitchell. Based in London, each member was born by the sea, the coasts of Guernsey, Dorset and Brighton... They offer no other facts, but you can read a load of descriptions of their music by various bloggers on their Facebook page.  This remix was send to BBC Introducing by Catching Flies -  a 21 year old producer/multi instrumentalist from London. He's very fond of vinyl crackle yet expresses an irrational dislike for pigeons. Go figure. He released his debut EP The Stars last month.




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