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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 8 October 2012

Alfie Ordinary

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by friends and colleagues and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website. These are the listings for Monday, October 8th. Pictured above: Alfie Ordinary.

[starts 00:19]
Fresh Air is track two on ReleaseThe Hounds - the latest EP from Bath quartet Centrefolds, released in May. The music video for this track is also currently featured on NME.COM.Their next live show is in London at The Enterprise, Camden a week on Friday (October 19th) followed by Bristol's Oxjam Festival on Saturday October 20th and The Red Barn in North Devon on October 26th.

GAVIN LOUGHLIN - Blow by Blow [starts 04:18]
Gavin Loughlin is a singer/songwriter based in Skipton, North Yorkshire who also performs with the band Finding Violet http://findingviolet.com. He'll be performing Blow by Blow (and many others) at his next solo gigs:  Hebden Bridge Folk Roots Festival at The Trades Club on Sunday November 11th, and opening for Hannah Trigwell at Cockpit 3 in Leeds on Friday November 30th

UNQUIET NIGHTS - Someone's Love on Drugs [starts 08:29]
Unquiet Nights are centered on the songs of frontman Luke Mathers, the drumming of Rodger Firmin, and the Precision bass of John Rossi. But - they stress - over and above everything, it's always been and always will be about the songs. I couldn't agree more. Someone's Love on Drugs comes from their fine debut album 21st Century Redemption Songs - for which recording started in their native Belfast and was completed in their adopted home of Umbria, Northern Italy. It's available in both digital and physical formats from - priase be - Bandcamp  where you can not only hear what you're getting before you buy, but download it in lossless quality once you do.

THIS IS ETHMO - The Exorcist [starts 12:04]
A depressing percentage of the artists we include in this mixtape each week provide no factual information about themselves whatever, with the "About" or "Biog" section glaringly missing from their band website or Facebook oage. This outfit at least give us 12 words on their Soundcloud page: "Death Metal meets World Music: This Is Ethmo St Albans 3 piece." On the other hand every artist, however long-established, has a right for their latest music to be judged anonymously on its own merits: free from any baggage or preconceptions. I daresay all will become clear soon enough.

SUSIE WILKINS - Wasted Time [starts 14:20]
Susie Wilkins toured Europe supporting Joe Jackson in 2008. Her material subsequently caught the ear of Sheryl Crow's writing partner Jeff Trott, who put her in touch with Crow's drummer Jeremy Stacey. Stacey & Suzanne Vega's bassist Mike Visceglia played on Susie's self recorded/self produced album, which has been mixed by Ryan Freeland and is out now: available to hear on Spotify and buy on iTunes.

SWAMI BARACUS - Hyper [starts 18:45]
This is the brand new single from friend of the show Swami ("Barracuda") Baracus. His superb recent collabration with producer Zaheer - "The Recipe" - earned him a place not only on the BBC Introducing stage at T In The Park but also the Radio 1 Playlist. It's also the title track of his latest mixtape. Barracuda's genre-defying style has earned him multiple awards and nominations and made him outight winner at the Asian 8-Mile MC Battle contest in London. Swami Baracus is part of a stellar UK rap lineup to be featured on the next single from Zaheer - alongside the likes of Abiade, Rukus, Mr ShaoDow and the mighty Genesis Elijah.

ALFIE ORDINARY - Wheetabix Song [starts 22:26]
(See photo above) "I'm Alfie and I write songs. I have mixture of influences, from The Beatles to Lady Sovereign, but my main aim is to be true to myself using the everyday as my palette: I'd feel silly singing a song with words I wouldn't usually say. What are you doing on November the 12th? I'm playing in Brighton at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar with Robbie Bushell and The Nigel Passey Band. It would be lovely to see you."

GOY BOY MCILROY - The Pilgrim [starts 25:17]
Goy Boy McIlroy are an alt blues band from the small Quaker market town of Darlington in the Northeast of England - which they describe as "a void of hope and filled with apathy and closed mindedness. It is from that bleak social landscape that we draw our inspiration." This track The Pilgrim - together with their song Black Glove - was released as a digital Double-A single at the end of last month, and they've just been named as Band Of The Day by Louder Than War.

HOLLY AND THE WOLF - Holding Me Back [starts 28:50]
We first featured Holly Dearden on 6 Music Introducing in 2008, when she released her debut solo album The Optimist’s Daughter through friends of the show Ambiguous Records. Not long after this, she met double bassist Alex Karban and drummer Robbie Jarvis, who became and remain the backbone of a new band who have slowly but surely evolved into Holly and the Wolf. Fresh out of the recording studio and currently playing a series of residency shows upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s in their native London, the band have just released a brand new video for this single, and launch it with a hometown gig at The Lucky Pig Cocktail Bar a week on Wednesday, October 17th.

AUDIO PORNOGRAPHY - Becoming Winston Smith [starts 30:58]
John Pratt in Shipley has playe about with sound - and manipulated it - under the name of audioPORNOGRAPHY since circa 2010. John has, he says, struggled for a long, long while to form a consistent sonic identity for the project, but believes he has finally found it. He's also been involved in the mixing and mastering process for his friend Stuart Thomas aka Mountain Range - whom he warmly recommends at http://soundcloud.com/mountain-range. But John is also on the active lookout for both gigs and potential collaborations. Any offers considered!

THE PAPER SHADES - Where You Lay [starts 37:11]
Sarah Dollar and Jon Rixon are, they tell us, a male/female duo from the South - specifically between Basingstoke & Newbury. They've known each other for ten years but only formed the band three years ago once they had started writing their own material. Where You Lay is the title track of their newly selfreleased second EP. This talented and personable duo are currently busy drinking tea and working on new songs so as to be ready to hit the studio again next month.

THE HUMANITARIANS - Weatherman [starts 40:18]
Devon's The Humanitarians consist of John (who plays guitar and sings) Hayden (who pummels drums), Geoff (who plays bass) and Rich (who plays guitar and - yes - trombone). Their debut Born was released physically and digitally in 2010 and the followup, No Law, is already recorded, mastered and due for release shortly. The first taster is their new single "Call The Police" - from which this track Weatherman is the B-side - and available on iTunes, Spotify, etc. They play The Grapevine in Exmouth on October 26th.

ABSORB feat. Lady Chann - I'm Done [starts 43:33]
ABSORB is a 27 year old rapper from County Durham. Having been influenced by UK Garage Music, he started writing lyrics to UKG instrumentals in the early 2000's. His first grime EP That Was Then, This Is Now in 2007,  was followed by 2008's The Blah EP with the Newcastle-based producer Sequel. In 2009 the pair released their joint single Play The Game which we featured heavily at the time - their joint page is at http://absorbvssequel.com. These days Absorb is a member of the mighty Rossi Noise - while as a solo artist he likes to vocal over "instrumentals across a ranges of styles, specifically grime and dubstep. Although anything with a mean bassline that catches my ear will definitely prompt me to reach for a pen and a pad".

INTERVALS - Water [starts 46:38]
Band biog of the week comes from a blacked out rehearsal room in Camden and bears repeating in full:

"We are Intervals, a 4-piece alternative indie band from London. We release our debut single Water on 14th October 2012. It sounds a bit like Radiohead meets Wild Beasts. We first decided to form a band 11 years ago in Oxford. We rehearsed in a room without windows back then. Not out of choice. We used to be called The Black Sand, playing meandering rock songs with Big Muff pedals and a very loud snare drum but have spent the last six months writing songs in Camden, in another room without windows. It can't be good for you. We decided upon a new name to mark our adventures in a new musical direction, and even designed a logo. It didn't take long, it's a very simple logo. We've got 2 singles planned for this year and an EP in early 2013. We hope you like them."

And that, my friends, is an exemplary demonstration of how to write a funny, factual - and above all interesting - artist biography. Look and learn.

AL CHAMBERLAIN - Train Song [starts 50:17]
Al Chamberlain learned the musical ropes back in the 80s and 90s while stuck to the carpets of some of the least gracious pubs Bolton and Hull had to offer. He now inhabits the South Coast of England - where he gets most of his creative ideas from listening to a housebound nonagenarian. Something he suggests that all aspiring songwriters ought to do a great deal more of. You can enjoy more of Al's  poised vocals, understated production, immaculate guitar technique and eloquent songwriting on Soundcloud.

LAURENCE MADE ME CRY - Intelligent Mister Toad (feat. DEMENTIO13) [starts 54:16]
The artist behind LMMC is multi-instrumentalist Jo Whitby, a West Country girl who's now making roots in the Welsh capital Cardiff. Having spent many years immersed in the Bristol music scene, it wasn’t until her move to Wales that Jo found the confidence to truly set her own music free. "I’ve always been pushed to either be an artist or a musician" she says and Laurence Made Me Cry is a way to combine everything I love doing as one project and not feel guilty about it." Rather than a band, the project incorporates music, art, animation, poetry and storytelling. "There's such a positive attitude to music in Cardiff" says Jo. "You don't feel judged and people are willing to get involved and help you out. I like that".



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