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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 1 October 2012

Willie Dick

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by friends and colleagues and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website. These are the listings for Monday, October 1st. Pictured above: Willie Dick

PANIC SOCIAL - Too Much TV [starts 00:14]
Panic Social was born entirely through the internet and started with a cheeky "fancy writing together?" tweet from Amy Daniels to Anthony Grantham. They aim to create a mix of electronica, British guitar stylings, and harmony vocal lines. To date their music has already been played on several radio stations. Despite living in the same country and being in the same band Amy & Anthony have never met.

HARRY KEYWORTH - Flux [starts 03:27]
Virtuoso slap guitar tecnique, effortless songwriting, smooth falsetto vocals and warm rich production - what's not to like about songwriter, composer and session musician Harry Keyworth. He mainly plays de-tuned acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and bass instruments. This is the title track of his debut EP, released in March. He plays Brighton this Friday October 5th, followed by live dates in Cardiff, London and Bournemouth this Autumn.

FIFTEEN DAYS - Nothin’ More
[starts 08:32]
Brentford's Fifteen Days released the 5 track debut EP "These Ghosts" back in May from which this gentle understated track is taken. It was recorded in London with guitar and vocals by frontman Darren Plant, accompanied by Oscar Cainer on bass and banjo, Karl Penney on drums, Lucy Railton on cello and Courtenay Purcell on piano. I'd like to tell you more about Darren and his work, or direct you to his online biog for more information. But I'm afraid that's it.

FROM FORESTS - Tropical [starts 11:31]
Guildford five-piece From Forests formed last year and feature Casper Hughes (vocals and guitar), Douglas Pulman (bass and piano), Charlie Simmons (drums and percussion), Nick Blyth (vocals and guitar) and me, Daniel Woods (Lead Guitar). In June their self-titled EP sold out of handmade physical copies on it day of release. What else can I tell you after reading their online biog? Nothing.

FITZ - Caves [starts 16:55]
This is the title track of the debut EP/single by Fitz - aka writer and producer Sam Fitzpatrick in Shipley. In addition to featuring on our latest BBC Introducing Mixtape, Caves is currently available as a free download from Fitz's own website. The official release is set for Monday October 15th - in the runup to which Sam is currently out on the road with a band of friends. They play Nottingham on Tuesday, Manchester on Thursday and London on Friday - all dates listed on his Facebook page - where by the time you read this the brand new video for this single should have been unveiled. That's the way to do it!

LIAM BURKE - Down To Danny's [starts 21:22]
I heard Down To Danny’s by Bedford artist Liam Burke on my Fresh On The Net inbox last week and as soon as the vocal came in with “Wake up in the morning with a headful of last night” I clicked the “favourite” button. The energy of Liam's performance clearly draws on the same folk-punk traditions I remember from Joe Strummer and The Pogues, which in my book is no bad thing. OK, it's still rough around the edges and sounds like quite early days - but early days, I'd say, in a promising career. This track comes from his forthcoming three track EP Sons Of Liberty which can be previewed on his Soundcloud page

WOODMAN STONE - Someone’s Ideal [starts 24:25]
Leicester's Woodman Stone is both a man and a band. Their online description is devoid of hard biographical facts, and yet so infinitely more interesting to read than "Biography: we play music. Description: Alternative/Ambient" that I make no apology for sharing it with you in full:
"The name came in a dream in which our hero fought for liberation in the garden of his childhood against an occupying army. There were tunnels and woodland hideouts and the name of Woodman Stone was renowned through the countryside as the leader of the resistance. He fought against tyranny and evil, seeking to restore freedom to the humble denizens of the English countryside. It was one of those dreams that seem to occur in real time, lasting for days and weeks eventually he woke with the smell of damp earth in his nostrils, looking over his shoulder, brushing last autumn's leaves from his hair. The dream then faded into the recesses of his memory for many years. In 2010 Woodman returned to music after a lengthy absense and started recording an album he had no name for the project until he woke one day in the summer of 2010, recalled the dream and realised that the name he had been searching for had been there all along, simply waiting to be rediscovered." Woodman Stone emerged from the forests of memory to record the debut album Someone Else's Dreams Will Fill Our Home. Due out in early 2013 the record can already be previewed on their Soundcloud page and aims to mix sounds from "a Yesterday That Never Was and a Tomorrow We Will Never See: English pop in all its finery."

[starts 26:07]
This is right up my street. Nadine Carina is an experimental folk singer/songwriter - half Italian, half Croatian - and born in Switzerland. Writing songs with her guitar, a piano and weird instruments via her MIDI Keyboard, she self-released 3 homemade EPs before moving to England. There she gave birth to her first album Magic Box which was was released by Stattmusik Records in September last year. Currently studying at LIPA in Liverpool, she has just put out her 5th release - a 7 track EP called "Little Bits". Recorded by herself in her bedroom. it's available as a free download from her Bandcamp and will be followed by a new video and followup album before long. A prolific and gifted artist, Nadine Carina is definitely One To Watch in 2013.

CALMASTHECOLOUR - Velvet Sunburst [starts 28:37]
Calmasthecolour are a 4 piece from that Scottish musical mecca, The Kingdom of Fife - home to King Creosote's legendary Fence Collective. Since forming in January 2011 they've been gigging up and down the country loyally promoting their music. This track was released as a single at the end of last year as a followup to their debut release the Ticket To Liberty EP, featured on 6 music Introducing at the time. Their band interests include "Dominoes, reading the thesauras until it reads us, throwing away old shoes and then feeling a terrible sense of loss. Procuring various and sundry items." If you like this track check out their latest EP Tomorrow Belongs to a World Apart from which they've just released a brand new music video for the track Sometimes.

CRUSHING BLOWS - The People You Will Never Meet
[starts 31:28]
We first came across Crushing Blows in 2010 when Steve Lamacq introduced us to their track "Tie Them Down And Get The Answers". Based in South Derbyshire the duo consists of Chris Jones and Hurricane Andrew who modestly described themselves at the time as "two men and a looper". Since then their sound has continued to flourish and grow - stately, ambitious and atmospheric, The People You Will Never Meet builds to a terriffic climax - and was released as a single in July this year as a free download from their Bandcamp. They have upcoming dates this month in London, Leicester and Manchester and their next appearance will be at Huw Stephens' SWN Festival in Cardiff on October 18th.

SCARLETT’S ROSES - Truth Be Told [starts 35:59]
This lively ska/township hybrid comes from South London combo Scarlett’s Roses, who play a hometown show for Oxjam on Chiswick High Road on October 20th. So what can I tell you about them ? Erm... "with their honest lyrics and catchy melodies, their unique British sound will have you humming and singing along for days. Essentially they are a pop band, but show elements of ska, soul, hip-hop with a retro sound. They want to take people on a journey, so they feel they are the person in the song. They're telling stories that people can relate to, whilst making them dance and putting a smile on their face. With many gigs already under their belt, Scarlett’s Roses are bringing their infectious sound to the music world." So now you know.

WILLIE DICK - Deeper Darker Down to the Basement Floor [starts 39:48]
The songs and stories of Glaswegian artist, photgrapher and film maker Willie Dick (pictured above) are darkly gothic: clearly Bleak is the new Black. I'm a sucker for manifestos, and Willie has one of the finest. To quote from it at random: "Yank the social symbols through the looking glass. Devalue society's currency. If the world is false and nothing is true, then everything is possible. Where there is fire, carry gasoline. Make an affirmation of freedom so reckless and unqualified, that it amounts to a total denial of every restraint and limitation. Demonstrate the contrast between what life presently is and what it could be. And Finally… confront the familiar." We have been warned.

NATURAL SELECTION - Push [starts 45:36]
Hiphop group Natural Selction consist of MC Deeflux and producer Brother Beatbox. Together they work with a number of musicians to create foundations which are then sampled, chopped and put back together on an Akai MPC in traditional hiphop fashion. They've worked with underground artists from across the globe such as Wildchild, Guilty Simpson, Sonnyjim, Dr Syntax and many more. And you can see Deeflux co-starring with Genesis Elijah in the irresistible slacker reggae classic I Know which they wrote with producer Louis Unseen - at https://vimeo.com/41790282

SEA STACKS - Dancing With Lions [starts 48:52]
Sea Stacks is the creation of Davy Berryman. Combining orchestral instrumentations to create wind and string-strafed indie music that takes influence from Jonsi/Sigur Rós and Sufjan Stevens, amongst others. Starting in late June 2011 with just a handful of songs and a studio, Davy set out with only one rule, mostly unbroken that there would be no guitars or pianos used. Seven months, 3 studios, and nearly 40 collaborators later and the first Sea Stacks EP was ready. Live, Sea Stacks perform in various smaller arrangements, from 8-16 players, in and around London.

B>E>A>K - Kehaar [starts 52:46]
Revered as one of the North-East’s most excentric treasures, B>E>A>K consists of experienced local musicians all heavily involved in the region’s music scene in bands such as Coal Train, Field Music, Razmataz Lorry Excitement, This Aint Vegas, Boxed Roomer & The Lake Poets. Not to be confised with a similarly named outfit in Bristol, B>E>A>K's members perform masked and brightly colour co-ordinated - as I can personally attest, having seen their stripped-down lineup lead a crowd of late-night revellers down a main street in Sunderland to the tune of Missy Elliott's famous hit Get Your Beak On: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOZ_VbMc1lA

RODEO TERRORISTS - Chill Rex [starts 56:46]
Richard & Mike aka Rodeo Terrorists play around with synthesisers, loops and things that make funny squelchy noises, the result of which are tunes that they quite like. In the summer of 2006 the Rodeo Terrorists got their first computer, it was raining. They got drunk and discovered the simple joys of audio recording. By the mid 80's they were leading a charmed life of singing in a choir, playing the piano and bassoon, while programming sequencers and their Yamaha DX-7. Somewhere along the line they got lost in that field in Hampshire, their jeans went baggy and hair grew long. Finding an abandoned BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-550 drum machine in a charity shop & overnight they became full time techno ravers. Inspired by the KLF, The Orb, Chicane and 808:State, they aspire to having their music played in a lift or local supermarket but realise that such commercial success would go to their heads and undermine the fundamentally amateur nature of their endeavour.

With amateurism as good as this, who needs professionals?


  • Comment number 1.

    Long time listener but only this week have i felt it necessary to comment. From Forests at 11:31 were a clear and outright highlight. i just downloaded their EP and i was not disappointed you MUST play more of their music. i also really enjoyed SEA STACKS.


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