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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 10 September 2012

Brightlight City

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by friends and colleagues and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website. These are the listings for Monday, September 10th.

BRIGHTLIGHT CITY - Feels Like [starts 0:14]
Brightlight City (pictured above) release Feels Like - their third single this year - through their own imprint Venti Venti Records. An EP and follow up single are scheduled to follow by the end of the year. They're a five piece formed around the Giarraputo brothers Jamie (vocals) and Justin (guitar) and give their hometown on Facebook as Epsom/Carshalton/Brisbane. Take your pick.

THE JAR FAMILY - Broken Minded
- 3.35]
Hartlepool 7-piece The Jar Family met on the North East's open mic circuit in 2009 and include five very different singer/songwriters. They released a debut EP called Livingston Session in 2010 and their first single Poolie Strut was adopted by Hartlepool United Football club. They recorded their first album at Sawmills Studio in Cornwall and released it earlier this year. From it, Broken Minded is their newly released third single. For live dates see their Facebook.

THE POCKET GODS - Et In The Amusement Arcade E Got Bo - [starts 7.25]
This is described by the band's frontman and onlie begetter Mark Christopher Lee as "a new weird Goth tune about the Priory Of Sion" and is the latest in a long line of singularly odd tunes they've produced down the years. Mark has a book out called Weird - The Life And Times Of A Pocket God describing the vagiaries of life in an unsigned band. These incude being namechecked in John Peel's biography Margrave of the Marshes in a list of bands he hoped would one day come and shout at him "Listen, you old twat. You were wrong about us." Their varied and prolific output has been dotted with so many loony lofi gems since the great man's death in 2004 that it's fair to say his hopes have been fully justifed.

SAM CLEEVE - Hubris - [starts 9.35]
Sam describes himself as a London/Birmingham based writer of piano-led instrumentals. Some violin, guitar, percussion and electronic processing. A music student in Birmingham, a layabout in London. Hubris - his current single was recorded at home with a battered old Shure SM57 microphone and a preschool Behringer mixer. He's also an occasional contributor at Drowned in Sound and Under The Radar.

WOODPECKER WOOLIAMS - Gull - [starts 13.57]
Beekeeper and ex-trainee midwife Woodpecker Wooliams is based between Brighton and Devon - where she slipped off to the countryside after a bout of unpredictable life-changing seizures, to write, record & recouperate in her fireside 'studio' beneath a castle. This track "Gull" comes from her aplendid new album The Bird School Of Being Human - in which all the song titles are indeed the names of birds - on Robot Elephant Records.

CORONER FOR THE POLICE - Born Liar - [starts 16.47]
CFTP describe themselves as "loud: a band of musical reprobates with only one thing on their mind...meaty riffs. Songs that pull you out of peaceful slumber, slap you in the face, drag you into the street, and then give you some whisky to improve the fact that you're now standing in the road in your pyjamas with a stranger." They formed at the start of 2012 in a dingy warehouse. This song - like A Politician And A Gangster which we featured earlier this year - comes from their current Swamp Box EP which was released in May and a followup is expected by the end of 2012.

THE GRAVITY DRIVE - Push Your Luck - [starts 20.05]
As well as being in our brand new mixtape, this track is currently available as a free download from Gravity Drive - the latest project of Elijah and Ava Wolf. Their Facebook biog simply says "He met Her and they made music. The sound of a relationship... Bitter sweet, like all good love. The Gravity Drive is questions - and drama. Arguments - and love, lust, and fireworks..." Their debut single Trick of the Light is due out on Sept 30th and an album will follow in Jan 2013.

MINA TINDLE - Bells - [starts 23.26]
This tracks was released as a single at the end of last month and comes from Mina Tindle's album Taranta on Believe Recordings. As a French singer with Spanish roots she's described on her website as "the new voice of the modern French pop dreamers". She didn’t start making music until her early twenties when she moved to New York, then completed the circle by returning to her native Paris to complete her debut album. Having recently supported Camille at The Barbican in London she'll be coming back to play her debut headline in the city a fortnight on Friday - September 28th at St Pancras Old Church.

THOM MORECROFT - Sexy Shade of Sunburn - [starts 26.40]
Thom Morecroft is not just a short, excitable, and scruffy young man from Shropshire. He is also - we're told - "a fine addition to a growing cannon of Liverpool-based songwriters whose extensive original material and (surprisingly) powerful voice have earned him a reputation on the local circuit." Now 21 years of age, currently recording new material to assemble for his forthcoming EP in 2012, Thom continues to play live and has recently joined forces on occasion with singer Elle Schillereff and percussionist Christophe Cousineau in an attempt to broaden his sound.

PORT ISLA - Alexandra - [starts 28.10]
On a good day, Port Isla are a four piece Folk Rock band from Norwich. Formed by Will Bloomfield in 2011, he quickly enlisted the help of fellow U.E.A. School of Musicians Stanley Spilman and Henry Kilmister and spent the next couple of months of writing and playing acoustic gigs around Norfolk. Will Olenski soon joined to complete the line up and they have since opened the Mainstage At Playfest, played at the Great Escape in Brighton and Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, won the first R.F.T.E competition, performed live on BBC Norfolk & Suffolk Introducing and recorded their first single. On a bad day, they cover 80's power ballads, complain about beard growth and argue about correct usage of knots.

GASCAN RUCKUS - Pieces - [starts 30.52]
Describing themselves as "Buddy Rock from County Armagh" Gascan Ruckus aren't very subtle,  aren't very tactful and don't beat around the bush. In fact their stated goal is to be visceral, frantic and angry, playing sheer punk rock in the tradition of The Flatliners and The Bronx. Pieces was their last single, released in May this year and their new EP Buddies comes out today (Monday September 10th) through Big Cartel. You'll find a link to buy it, though alas not a tracklist to tell you what you're getting - on their Facebook page.

CREATURES OF LOVE - Vakkula - [starts 35.43]
Vakkula is the brand new single from London's gloom pop trio Creatures of Love. It will be released as a free download via Bandcamp & on 10" vinyl. ‘Vakkula’ is an eerie, gothic, distorted & frosty crescendo of electronic drones, inspired from the likes of Nine Inch Nails & Fever Ray & is a fitting introduction to their upcoming EP release.  The band recently opened for The Joy Formidable on their UK & Ireland tour which saw them playing venues such as The HMV Forum & The Birmingham Institute. They will headline London's Dalston Victoria on October 25th.

THANK PABLO - A Little Sunshine – [starts 40.36]
Based in South London, Thank Pablo make sun-kissed quintessentially English pop songs that have been dragged through the backstreets of Africa, Spain, France and Jamaica. It is music to make you smile. Originally hailing from Hartlepool, Hull and Woking, Ted, Tom, Ry and Dickie have been playing together since January 2011.  "Come and say hello" they say "we're very nice". Londoners can do that on Friday September 21st at The Troubadour in Earls Court and Friday October 5th at Tooting Tram and Social - see their website for more dates and details.

GALLERY CIRCUS - In Ten – [starts 44.40]
On their day Tyneside's Black Cab Casino had the potential to become one of the North East's most exciting live bands - centred around the extraordinary talents of twin brother DAN and GRAEME ROSS on guitar and drums. Before that could happen they pulled the plugs on the project and have since regrouped as a duo under the name of Gallery Circus. This longawaited single "In Ten" was released at the beginning of this month. For most of this year Dan and Gra have been living in San Francisco. "To get a rose-tinted vision of our place, simply imagine the crappy flat in Flight of the Choncords without the furniture, charm, maintainable plumbing and cutlery. One of us even sleeps in a cupboard." The conditions may make for uncomfortable living, but - as you can hear - have done wonders for their music.

WHITE BONE RATTLE - When I Return - [starts 47.59]
White Bone Rattle are a psychedelic rock band from Maidstone, Kent formed in 2009 by two pairs of brothers...Described as a ''heavy, guitar driven, magical head trip'' combining dark, groove laced riffs and harmonies with "sounds that are inseparable from the drug-hazed days of the '60s and '70s." Touring with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Band of Skulls, Gary Moore & the release of latest single 'When I Return' has further enhanced their reputation, picking up rave reviews from XFMs John Kennedy, a 'Track of the Day' feature in Classic Rock Magazine as well as countless plays across UK & US Radio.

RICHARD SÄNDER - Recover - [starts 51.25]
Austrian artist Richard Sänder was born in 1989, and began his career in Electronic Dance Music at the age of 19. Richards first radio airplays came with rotation by Charles McThorn and Woody van Eyden on Germany's biggest EDM station: Sunshine-Live. Last year his single "The End Of Everything" single was released on Colorful Recordings and made #14 on DMC's World-Trance Chart. Richard's work has been released on a range of labels that includes Nukleuz, Armada Music, Solaris/Touchstone Recordings, Colorful Recordings, Lost Language Recordings - and Saturn3 Recordings back in his native Austria.

LANDERIM - The Black Swarm - [starts 55.24]
The band Landerim is named after a word made up by Robert Wyatt on his 1974 album Rock Bottom and centres around Larry DeMellier with Derek Knott and John McGuire. There are also contributions from Jessica Bailiff and Kramer. The emphasis is mostly on atmosphere, feel, and the spaces in a piece of music: spare, quiet arrangements of long melodies with floating notes and rounded rhythms. There are some pieces with vocals and some instrumental sections; all meant to have an organic flow from one section to the next.



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