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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 20 August 2012

Neville Staple with Flipron

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by friends and colleagues and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website. These are the listings for Monday, August 20th, starting with my old friends Flipron and special guest Neville Staple (above)

FLIPRON feat. NEVILLE STAPLE - The Comet Returns [starts 0:14]
"We're a Glastonbury based four piece" say Flipron "who play a kind of barrelhouse britpop, or psychedelic honky-tonk. We're musically promiscuous at any rate. We have our 4th album called Firework Shoes coming out in October, (produced by Rat Scabies from The Damned) and this is the first single, featuring Specials legend Neville Staple. It comes out on 10th September! Kind of spaghetti-ska sort of sound…" I for one have been a fan of Flipron's skewed and unique West Country take on life and music since long before BBC Introducing was even dreamed of. In a just world, a band of such long standing - and with a track record as great as theirs - would really need no introducing. But then, as we all know, there's not much justice in the world.

WE ARE ANIMAL - Royal Wolf [starts 4:38]
Wiful musical maverick Owain Ginsberg comes from a musical family in a small village just outside Caernarfon in the foothills of Snowdonia and is both a member of Masters in France and the brother of Caz Ginsberg of Fennel Seeds. He laid down the first WE//ARE//ANIMAL tracks in a local slate quarry by multitracking himself on a battered 7 track digital recorder but soon assembled a real live gigging and recording lineup. Royal Wolf started out as a mistake when guitarist Dion Hamer accidentally hit a note on his guitar with his delay pedal on - providing us the drone-loop which circulates throughout the entire track. Writing the rest, says Ows, was a piece of cake. For an unerringly inventive (and genuinely edgy) re-imagining of rock'n'roll's long-lost antic spirit, We Are Animal is the band to follow.

POLLY PAULUSMA - Story Of My Life [starts 8:19]
From humble musical beginnings in a garden shed, Polly Paulusma signed to One Little Indian nine years ago and released her self-produced, home-shed-recorded debut album Scissors In My Pocket in 2004. Her second album Fingers & Thumbs in 2007 was a difficult and intensely personal album made in the wake of a series of tragic miscarriages. Five years and two children later, Polly has just released her joyful third album Leaves from the Family Tree which includes collaborations with Adem and Erin McKeown. To promote it she's been busking the streets of her native London with a sign that reads: "I don't want your money. Just tweet me @pollypaulusma or like me on facebook.com/pollypaulusmamusic"

BIG BEAT BRONSON - Action Man [starts 12:20]
It had to happen. Over the past few years - via BBC Introducing - the North-East's hiphop scene had been gathering momentum spearheaded by the flamboyant presence of Baron Von Alias and and his longtime collaborator MistaBreeze. They've now formed a selfsltyled supergroup with musical partner Eliza Lawson under the name Big Beat Bronson. Their trademark is sharp, knowing Geordie-inflected rap delivered with wry humour and flawless technique over carefully engineered beats. The mysterious Baron sports an outfit so over the top yet so instantly recognisable - with his top hat, trainers, dark glasses and laughably false moustache - you could spot him on stage from the back of a stadium. And who knows, if this track from the new group is anything to go by, maybe one day we will.

EROMNIM3 - 4am In Vegas [starts 16:19]
Eromnim3 are a Scottish musical collective "creating soundscapes" they say "for all dreamers". Based around Frank McDade and John P Boyle they're based in the town of Bellshill - whose rich musical heritage includes Teenage Fan Club, BMX Bandits and The Soup Dragons among others. The collective's goal is to collaborate across the media of music, film, photography and video games in order to help showcase the abundance of talent across the west of Scotland. This stunningly atmospheric track was inspired - as its name implies - by an early morning stroll through the Nevada metropolis, and is part of a suite of tracks written and recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio. Listening to the immaculate clarity and detail of McDade and Boyle's production you can hear that the money spent on studio rental was a wise investment. The 8 track album is called ‘Realscapes’ and available in lossless digital quality on Bandcamp.

LACES - Lift [starts 21.41]
The artists known Laces may or may not be BP Walker and Patrick Wanzala-Ryan. These gentlemen are former members of a band they describe as "grossly unpopular indie imps The Swing Movement" but whom we rather liked and played four or five times on ny old Fresh On The Net radio shows for 6 Music.
They may or may not have since abandoned the Yorkshire Dales for the less than leafy suburbs of South West London, to pursue their love of Can, Aphex Twin, Tom Waits and Steve Reich.  However, whoever they are and whatever their aims, they are most certainly laying their hands, by hook or by crook, on every analog delay pedal that has ever been produced with the intention of creating a cacophony of truly unlistenable proportions. Londoners can hear the results for themselves live at Bar Vinyl in Camden on September 17th.

BENIN CITY - Accellerate [starts 23:32]

Named after a Nigerian state capital, Benin City came together when vocalist/lyricist Joshua Idehen met drummer Theo Buckingham at a squat party. They struck up a friendship over a mutual love of DnB and decided to make music together. Theo drafted in trombonist Faye Treacy - whom he'd originally met at The Brit School - and Faye drafted in Tom Leaper, a like-minded saxophonist from The Royal Academy of Music. Their music has been played by John Kennedy, Huey Morgan, Mark Lamarr and Craig Charles and at the start of this year Benin City signed to electronic label AD (Audio Doughnuts). They're currently working on an album.

THE MOUTH OF GHOSTS - When the Sun Sets
[starts 27:02]

This is the effortless, etheral, and frankly gorgeous title track for an EP by THE MOUTH OF GHOSTS called When the Sun Sets which was recently a 'fans-only' release via their website, but is likely to get a full promotional push before long. The band formed in early 2011, are named after a song by Dilinger Escape Plan, and consist of Alla Seydalieva on vocals, Simon Langford on guitar, Marco Italia on bass, Phil Page on drums, and Valerie Deniz on vocals and synth. Seydalieva's soaring, sensuous vocals are  underpinned by an irreseistible groove and Italia's bassplaying is simply the best I've heard all year - this track was deservedly favourited by readers of my Fresh On The Net blog recently. They have an upcoming gig at the Westbury Festival in Gloucestershire on August 25th. Details and a full, informative biography are available on their excellent website .

MIRRORED - Memoirs [starts 31:20]
Nick Udall - aka rapper Deeflux - has a double musical life as guitarist with Mirrored, a band whose music couldn't be more different from the laidback Slacker Reggae of his hiphop partnership with Louis Unseen. This full-on track Memoirs is pretty much guaranteed to put hairs on your chest and comes from the Mirrored album Diagrams which was released at the beginning of the month. I can tell you the rest of the band consists of vocalist Guy Miller, lead guitarist Dave Johnson, bassist Scott Miller and Aaron "Eggers" Graham on drums, but pretty much nothing else - except that the band was formed by "a group of college friends" in "South UK".  

PARTY CLUB - Shake [starts 35:31]
Formed late last year PartyClub herald from what they describe as "the quaint city of York" where they're pioneering their own genre of #indiebounce© and inviting listeners along for the ride. And the listeners seem pretty keen to climb aboard: their earlier track Young And free saw them playlisted on Radio 1 in April as Introducing Band Of The Week. They now share management with Dappy, Tinchy, and Dot Rotten among others - and this summer brought them a flurry of live activity - with a mini tour around England plus assorted festival and summer balls at the country's Ancient Universities. Unusually for an ambitious band with friends in high places, PartyClub retain a warm, toasty and down-to-earth charm in both their music and their attitude that bodes well for this canny and likeable bunch.

DUPPY BEATZ - Les Me Guess [starts 38:35]
"Hi i'm Duppy Beatz, a music producer from Bristol, I am 24 years old & have been producing for roughly 7 years. I aim to collaborate with talented artists to make exciting, positive music for the nation to enjoy. I also work as a youth music mentor, developing young talent in Bristol to hopefully get us on the map and show the nation what exciting, positive music we have to offer. Bless…" Supported from day one by Sam and Richard from BBC Introducing In Bristol, Duppy Beatz - together with his collaborator Empror - played the Introducing stage at Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham, the 1Xtra Live tour, and will be appearing on the BBC Introducing stages at Reading and Leeds this coming weekend.

ARP ATTACK - Amnesty [starts 43:41]
ARP Attack are a band on the fast track whose music has the happy knack of winning friends and allies on first hearing. For instance this song Amnesty was a popular track on my Fresh On The Net blog last week. They have - we're told - shared stages with the likes of Delphic, Chew Lips, Everything Everything and Two Door Cinema Club, and enjoyed unfailing support from BBC Introducing. They were first spotted performing in Portsmouth by NW Free Music who funded a recording of their debut single "Follow the Rhythm" at Dean Street Studios in London. It was released in April this year and caught the attention of Hype Music - affliated with MTV Networks - who are releasing a new four track EP by the band this Summer. From which - needless to say - Amnesty is taken.

VINCENT BURKE - He Paid To Have Himself Murdered [starts 47:46]
Vince had already been writing songs for years purely for his own enjoyment when last Summer he decided to try some of them out in The White Lion music bar in Streatham, South London. He was so astonished and gratified by the audience reaction that he's played there nearly every week since then and started doing other floor spots too. He describes the response as genuinely touching - and after much urging by these new-found fans, Vince has finally started his own Soundcloud page. He'll be returning to The White Lion next month to host a night of his own there on Saturday September 22nd.

SOOTYTERN - Get It Sorted [starts 49:43]
Sootytern describe themselves as "a four piece folky band who strum-pluck-plod-thump their way through slices of whimsical, touching and the-good-kind-of-twee songs. Melting a bricolage of influences from British Sea Power’s Albion eccentricity to Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel’s open heart - Sootytern are an eiderdown for the ears: warm and comforting." This track comes from their debut 3-track EP Ornithological Physics, which was digitally released in March via Bandcamp but is now finally available in physical form. These will be available online soon, but currently the best way to get a hold of a copy is by coming to one of their gigs. I not only love this song but also love the fact that the band list their fascinating variety of day jobs on their official biog: "Ewan (Drums) - Pharmacology Researcher. Adam (Mandolin, Accordion, Glock, Vocals etc) - Accountant. Jayson (Ukelele, Lead Vocals) - Computer Science Researcher. Peet (Bass, Vocals) - Italian Chef." They're currently recording a new EP entitled “Who Does Not Know The Famous Swan” - loosely based on their love for the Lake District - and named after a quote from William Wordsworth.

MINIATURE CITIES - On My Feet (Breathing Aid) [starts 53:05]
Miniature Cities began as a producing duo formed by Joe Barnby and Daniel Hernandez who met while working in a central London bar, and gradually evolved to incorporate more live sounds and instruments into their songs. They were sunsequently joined by bassist Alex McDowell (a former bandmate of Dans) to complete the trio, who named themselves in tribute to the psychologist Carl Jungs who actually built miniature cities in order "to break out of the confines of his conscious personality and find a new source of life." The band are based in London and will be releasing a debut EP later this year.

HYPE KRONIK - Don't Bother Lie [starts 56:24]
Don't Bother Lie is the sharp and hilarious second single from HYPE KRONIK - the followup to his debut single Dutty Weekend which we played last November. Hype is a 22 year old MC based near MILTON KEYNES who has a personal Facebook page that tells us his favourite quotation is "1.....4.......1" and that he is in a relationship with Hype Kronik. But not much else. Sorry to keep on about this, but - artists - if you don't provide any information on your web pages, or when sending your music to BBC Introducing, then we can't tell our listeners anything about you either.




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