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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 14 May 2012

Wilful Missing's calling card - front and back views

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by BBC colleagues across the Introducing network, and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is then available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website.  Below are are the listings for Monday, May 14th:

ANIMAL NOISE - Baddow - 0:14
Josh Sandifer: Guitar and Vocals, Mickey Bird: Bass and Vocals, Jack Abbott: Drums. Essex-based threesome (Woodbridge), making bruised, battered and beaten acoustic dance. They formed in April '09 and have since become one of the most talked about bands in their area. The band's debut album was released on 2nd March 2012 through Noise Rekords, and is available on itunes and to order from their website.

MAISIE-MAE - The Plight - 4:31
"I'm a 15 year old girl who is from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. I have been playing for a few years and finally decided to make an EP after recording a BBC Introducing Lincolnshire session and being played on BBC 6 Music with Tom Robinson. We recorded it at Grange Farm studios with me on Guitar, Drums and Vocals and Tom Hilson on Mandolin, Harmonica, Guitar and Bass. I am also in a band called Fighting Karma, last year we won Peterborough Youth Battle of The Bands."

HOSHAL PATRICK - My Lady At Low Tide - 7:20
"Hoshal Patrick is a London-based musical duo consisting of Alex Mummery & James Shedden. One day they'd like to be 'better' known as Hoshal Patrick, but for now it's just 'also'. They make eccentric pop music involving giants out at sea, birds flying through space, nonsensical rhyme in 7/8, references to Rosemary's Baby and the occasional soul-singing robot. They're currently working on an EP due for release later in the year in time for the impending apocalypse."

THE OLD GRINDING YOUNG - King Canoe - 11:39
"Two of us used to be in a band called UTE. Tom Robinson and Huw Stevens were very kind to us and played us a few times! have now started this new project with some great musicians ive met along the way. double-bass, woodwind, brass, steel drums and multi part vocals are arranged intricately to add to the narrative style songs - its still quite folky and dark with murder ballads and tales of dark human nature. Black humour still runs most of the way through it all."

ALISTAIR SHEERIN - Take It All - 13:35
"With a hairstyle suspiciously similar to that of a young John Lennon, one can already tell that the late Beatle had an impact on the young pop/rock artist Alistair Sheerin. Aiming to pair an upbeat melody with rich lyrics, the young man from Middlesbrough captures the attention of anyone within hearing distance." In September 2011, Alistair Sheerin was invited to London's Animal Farm to record his latest tracks, including this one.

EMMA SHAHEEN - Heart Cries - 16:13
"I am a singer songwriter born and bred in Leeds. I started out in nu-jazz band Today's Mathematics, and have been solo for a few years now. I've been mainly gigging in the North so far and am excited about my first produced EP (to be released in June) - take a sneak preview of it on my website. Look out for my first video coming soon! Be great if you could say hello on Facebook or Twitter, hope you enjoy it!" The EP launch gig is in Leeds at Musiquarium on June 9th.

MOODY GOWNS - Stepmother - 20:43
"What does it mean to be British? It may well be the double decker buses and Cricket that sum up this fair isle. Kitsch. Harmless. Boring. or... It could be the thug abroad... Flag tattooed to his teeth won’t eat that foreign muck. or... It could be Moody Gowns who champion the wry wit and charm that all of history’s greatest Brits possessed, coupled with light-hearted cynicism. Brought together by one Nathan Moseley back in 2008, Moody Gowns are an abrasive bunch of art-poppers whose goal is to steal the heart of every true music fan on the planet. To date, their discography includes two EPs and a single recorded with James Kenosha." This track is one half of a split 7" with the splendid Bearfoot Beware.

CLOCKWORKRADIO - Feel It Up - 23:12
Manchester’s Clockwork Radio are one of those bands who don't feel it's important to provide any factual information about themselves online. Or even (see Moody Gowns, above for a first rate example) to share any sense of their mission on earth, or their collective vision. I can only tell you they consist of Richard Williams, Iwan Jones, Nadim Mirshak, Dan Wiebe and Sam Quinn and that they "return this May with a new EP UBUNTU following on from last year’s acoustic flavoured SKETCH EP."

OF ARROWE HILL - Damned - 27:12
In June 2010 a New York listener recommended a song called "You, The Night & Père Lachaise" which I liked so much we ended up playing it four times that year. The band was OF ARROWE HILL - named for an area of Woodchurch on The Wirral - and formed in London in May 1999. Fans have ranged from John Peel to Julian Cope - and with, rave reviews for their fifth album and a sixth due in Spetember, the whole project - fronted by Adam Easterbrook - has taken on a whole new lease of life. A six minute single 'The Stars Are Against Us' will be released on Ouija Board Records in July 2012.

FICTION - Careful - 29:55
Perhaps the most startling band I heard in the whole of 2009 was the London quartet Fiction - who played an electrifying live session on my Friday suppertime show that year. Nick Barrett , Mike Barrett, James Howard and David Miller have recently signed to Moshi Moshi Records and their longawaited debut album is due at the end of the summer. This more conventional single may have been picked by the record company for its supposed "radio-friendliness", but the album will be guaranteed plenty of real bite and originality by their body of earlier work such as Curiosity - their song about, erm… Schoedinger’s cat.

NUDYBRONQUE - Bottled Blonde - 32:56
"Not just another band with unfashionable hair, Nudybronque are an Indie Pop band formed in the heart of Wiltshire in April 2011. They aim to blend Indie music with elements of 70's Punk, Post-Punk and Britpop and have enjoyed sterling support from Will and Marie at BBC Introducing in Wiltshire." We've come to know Nudybronque through my Fresh On The Net music blog. This is the title track of their second EP and (we're told) Aidan from the band is currently single. Anyone who would like to ask him out for a coffee and slice of sponge cake is welcome to get in touch via their website.

WILFUL MISSING - The Waltz - 35:15
The first of several artists I met the other week at Unconference - part of the Live At Leeds festival. Many of them had demo CDs but were nonplussed by the question "where can I hear your music online and how can I contact you". Most had to borrow a pen and write the information by hand on the back of my lecture notes. But Wilful Missing handed me a small, attractive card with their name, logo, website, email, Twitter and Facebook details (see above). Within minutes I was listening to their music on my smartphone - and it proved every bit as strong as their marketing skills. They've released two EPs (2009‘s Vast Atlantic, and 2010‘s Loose Ends) and this was my favourite song from their debut album MOLEHILLS OUT OF MOUNTAINS which came out in January.

LEESUN - Always That Way - 38:40
"I was born to Korean parents who are fairly bonkers which goes a long way towards explaining my music. I like to write and sing about love and how messed up and crazy beautiful life and people are. I live in Leeds which is an amazing place, full of the most amazing talented people. I've been trying to get my music out for a very long time, but am not sure how, even though I've been to quite a few seminars which were supposed to tell me how. I am fairly brilliant at most things, but I guess marketing my music is just not one of those things! And neither is cooking. Or tidying the house." Another fine artist at Unconference the other week.

ANDY DOONAN - The Hell That Heaven Hides - 42:18

Like Wilful Missing, Andy Doonan also handed me a card in Leeds with all his online details - his music too turned out to be semi acoustic, upbeat and memorable. His biog tells us "After having played with chart-topping acts and appearing at the London O2 Arena over the last year, Andy Doonan is making serious waves on the music scene. With a powerful sound that blends melodic acoustic pop, indie, folk and classical, the singer-songwriter has recently received positive reviews from Radio1, Kerrang!, BBC Introducing and various magazines. An accomplished singer, guitarist, and pianist, the 23 year-old’s exciting original songs appeal to a wide audience. A loyal fan base continues to grow significantly through shows at renowned venues all over the UK…" Blimey. So now we know.

DRUNK MULE - I Built A Death Ray - 45:18
A band we used to enjoy on my old Fresh On The Net shows, Drunk Mule consist - despite the enormous sound they make - of just Rich Morris and Steve Simpson in Glenrothes. "2 lads makin tunes fae Scotland. Been workin the gither for about a year and a half, about to release our first album Crash Test Y'self. Hopefully put a wee smile on yer face, maybe even a dance in yer step." More power to their four elbows.

3 FOOT NINJA - We Are An Army - 48:44
The point of writing a decent band biog is not to tell people how great you are, but how INTERESTING you are - and here, readers, is an object lesson in how to do it:
"We live in the North York Moors
We have written loads of songs
Some of them have been played on BBC York and BBC Tees (Thanks Bob)
We’ve been played on BBC Radio One
We have played songs at loads of gigs
We've played some gigs with really good bands (there's a list further down)
We’ve played some really good venues (there’s a list further down)
Have a listen to our songs
Come to our gigs. We sound like sharp rocks on a big hillside in the blue spring. We sound like a river speeding through a slow carved valley in summertime. We play like the heather on fire in the furious gales of autumn. We play like our songs will turn away the white winter. No one comes from where we come from." You can hear their debut album in its entirety - and support the band by buying it afterwards - via their Bandcamp page.

LYNA GALLIARA - Half - Baked Cherrypicked Hypocrite - 52:39
Lyna Galliara (pronounced Lee-na Gal-ee-ara) was a readers favourite over at Fresh On The Net recently, where Massimo Zeppetelli gave it a rave review last week "It’s like Crystal Castles mixed in with some M.I.A. - a really raw but substantially encapsulating recording and song." Ruth Barnes at The Other Woman Music is also a fan. Otherwise, once again a complete absence of factual information online. "Future Princess of Rock n Roll. I Produce my own stuff. Some of it here. Lots more to come." is all she says on Facebook. However Lyna tells us she will be releasing several free tracks for download in the run up to her debut EP release later this year.

RAVEN BEATS CROW - Golden One - 56:18
"London's Raven Beats Crow consist of Liam, Sam, Robin and Jon. Their Club Raven events have seen them host gigs in locations as diverse as a reference library and a crypt. Attendees have grown used to coming face to face with red-eyed ravens, hypnotic visual effects and even a robot called Roland. If you see some smartly-dressed chaps with animal heads, that'll be them. Or they could be the illuminated skeletons wandering about. Or the twee gentlemen that look like they've just stepped out of 1934... You never know what you're going to get from these wide-eyed gents with feathers in their hair. Their new 'Dark Matters' EP is a brooding mix of pop sensibilities and electro-psychedelia, born of the dark side of Raven Beats Crow."



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