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Sound Advice From Adam Walton

Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 18:32 UK time, Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Adam Walton's BBC Blog

Adam Walton at BBC Wales has written four great new BBC blog posts:

"Now that my Sunday night show for new Welsh music has been fully assimilated..." Adam writes "...into the future technology of the BBC Introducing Uploader, I thought it would be a good idea to offer some tips and advice to artists intending to send me their music...."

Although some of the advice is specific to his particular show, it offers vital insights into how some records end up - or don't end up - getting played on the radio. As Adam says, many of his suggestions ought to be obvious to any artist who wants their work to get heard in the wider world.  But all too often, common sense gets overlooked by ambitious musicians in a hurry.

These four posts ought to be compulsory reading for every aspiring artist in the country. Or at least, any of them intending to send their music to a radio station in the future.

Submitting Music to the Show Dos & Don'ts #1
Submitting Music to the Show Dos & Don'ts #2
Submitting Music to the Show Dos & Don'ts #3
Submitting Music to the Show Dos & Don'ts #4


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