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Six Nations - a little something extra

Tom Fordyce | 23:04 GMT, Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Scotland and England fans - I need your help.

Those with long memories or well-developed blogger stalking habits may recall the happy success of last season's Six Nations trip to Ireland v Wales, when I spurned the normal option of a flight from London to Dublin and instead put out a plea on the 606 messageboards for a lift over with a section of Warren Gatland's barmy army.

Thanks to the splendid company of Tom W, Teeth, Maddog and Charlie Bev on the subsequent car/ferry/train jaunt, a far more memorable weekend was had. All the normal website reporting and analysis was done, but with a smile on the face and a dull ache in the kidneys.

Inspired by those good times, I'd like to do something similar this year. There's a lovely little plan in place for the France v Wales trip at the end of the month with Tom W and the boys (more of which soon) but before then I'll be at the Scotland v Wales clash this weekend and the following weekend's epic between Wales and England.

The flights and ticket for Edinburgh are in the bag - it seemed the only sensible option - but the social plan for Saturday afternoon and evening are not. And while a ticket has also been secured for the Millennium Stadium on the 14th, the transport down there is also wide open.

Which is where your assistance is required.

Scotland fans - any of you care to host me for a couple of convivial looseners on Saturday afternoon/evening?

England fans - anyone fancy giving me a lift from London to Cardiff next weekend?
I'll bring the snacks (Frazzles, Jelly Babies, dry roasteds), you bring the wheels.

All offers welcome, with the usual BBC caveats. You know what I mean.


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