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Protesters threaten to halt climate talks

Tom Feilden | 08:19 UK time, Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Environmental activists hold a protest in Copenhagen

While the climate talks are deadlocked inside Copenhagen's Bella Centre, outside things are moving fast.

Anti-capitalist activists are planning a four-pronged assault on the conference centre this morning, beginning with a march and rally outside the main gates.

That demonstration has been officially sanctioned by the Danish police, but a second tranche of protesters are planning a more mobile assault on the perimeter fence. They'll be moving around outside, probing for weaknesses and attempting to get in any way they can.

That group will be supported by a fleet of demonstrators on bicycles, whose main aim seems to be to divert police attention, and to provide some entertaining pictures for the world's media.

Finally, a fourth group of demonstrators who have managed to get accreditation will be staging a protest inside the Bella Centre itself. They plan to disrupt the conference, before marching out to link up with the protesters outside.

Richard Bernard, from Climate Justice Action, said the aim was to create a space, both politically and physically, to discuss the real issues facing the world's poor and disenfranchised. He claims the UN Conference on Climate Change has been hijacked by the rich nations and big business interests.

Needless to say the Danish authorities are determined to prevent any demonstration from disrupting the talks. Some sort of confrontation seems inevitable.


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