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Christmas meal

  • Sam
  • 22 Dec 06, 11:51 AM


Ed and Helen are going home for Christmas, so I cooked them a big goodbye Christmas meal. It’s going to be really strange with them not being around, but they'll be back in January so we won't have peace and quiet for very long. I hope they take their stupid megaphones with them!

We ate so much that none of us could move afterwards. Don’t tell him but I gave Mark more food than anyone else so that he'd be too bloated to win this week's Chinatown Challenge! He ate about 56 potatoes so I reckon my plan will work out perfectly!

This week's Challenge is all about throwing and if I win it will serve Mark right because he's spent all day throwing things at me. He says it's practice but for some reason I don't believe him!

None of the Blue Peter guys have been on TMi yet, so I gave Konnie and Andy a ring to see if they wanted to come on the show this week. They love TMi so they said yes, which means Mark & I are going to think of plenty of ways to keep them busy. In return we'll make sure we bring some more old shoes in for their shoe-biz appeal!

See you at 9am on Saturday and then all next week at 9am on BBC ONE.

Sam xxxxx

Ed and Helen's big dinner

  • Mark
  • 22 Dec 06, 11:46 AM


Ed and Helen took us to the fair today so that we could practice for our challenge by playing on all their throwing games. I don't want to boast but let's just say that I came back with more prizes than Sam. I think he should stick at what he's best at - cooking! Which is lucky as he cooked a big Christmas dinner for Ed & Helen last night because they're going home for Christmas.

I’m off now to go and do some last minute Christmas shopping but I’ll see you on Saturday morning at 9am. Konnie and Andy are coming in and we've got a great performance from McFly so don't forget to set your alarms. And then on Christmas week we'll have a very special show EVERY day at 9am on BBC ONE. I can't wait!

See ya,

Mark 'the javelin' Rhodes.

Christmas crazy

  • Sam
  • 20 Dec 06, 06:01 PM


We’ve gone Chrimbo crazy in the flat this week and I think I've been driving Mark mad. For some reason he doesn't like me singing Christmas carols first thing in the morning and last thing at night! And for some reason he gets fed up when I ask him one million times a day what he's getting me for my Chrissy present. He’s SUCH a grouch! We're doing TMi this Christmas day on BBC ONE, so if you want to find out what presents we got each other then make sure you get up early, open your presents and then watch the show at 9am. Just don't be late!

McFly have been round again this week - and all they wanted to talk about was the TMi house band. I think they're worried that one of these days they’re going to have a bit of competition in the charts! They were really impressed with our guitarist on Saturday’s show, so perhaps they could even go on tour together one day. Make sure you watch the house band perform live on Christmas day at 9am. Send us any fan mail and we'll pass it on to the McFly boys.

Sam and Mark with the house band's guitarist

We’ve spent all morning getting the prizes together for this week's show and I can tell you that they're some of the best ever so make sure you get in touch if you want to get your hands on them.

Sam xxxxx

PS - Don't tell Mark, but I lost this week's Chinatown Challenge on purpose. I didn't want him to cry on national telly!

McFly and the house band

  • Mark
  • 20 Dec 06, 05:48 PM


Guess who's been round to the flat this week? Yes, it was McFly again! They can't keep away! This week they came round to perform a Christmas song in front of a class of TMi viewers who we'd invited round to the flat. We’ve never had 30 people in the flat before so it was really exciting! We’ll show you their performance on Saturday's show. It's really amazing. The boys said that they had a great time on the show this Saturday, although I couldn't help noticing that they spent a lot more time with Caroline than with me & Sam!

McFly and Caroline

They saw our house band guitarist too and they were watching with their mouths wide open because they were so impressed. Don’t forget that you can see our band in action every day next week at 9am. They’re rockin'!

I am SO relieved that I won the Chinatown Challenge this week because I’m so much better at football than Sam and if he'd won I’d never have been able to wear football boots again! I’m well ahead of Sam in challenges now, so I hope I can keep it up this week when we've got a throwing challenge. Ed & Helen say that they've lined up another day out for us to practice our throws, so I can't wait to find out where it is. For now though I’m going to carry on using Sam as target practise. His hair's so big, I can't miss!

We came up with this week's Surely game in about 10 minutes. It was really easy because we gave it a Christmas theme and for the first time ever everything worked really quickly. My favourite ever Surely game was the High School Musical one, but this week's one could be just as good I reckon! If you want to play and win some early Christmas presents then make sure you get in touch!

See ya,
Mark 'the javelin' Rhodes.

The worst challenge for me

  • Sam
  • 15 Dec 06, 02:54 PM


McFly spent today with us performing their new single (vote for it on the TMi playlist!) and when they heard that this week’s Chinatown Challenge involved football they organised a penalty shoot out with us. Unfortunately, Tom kicked a football so hard that it smashed a light in our flat. I guess we know what he’ll be getting us for Christmas now!

Speaking of the challenge I don’t think there could be a worse one for me, just when I won one too. I never play football, I never watch football and Mark loves footy so I can say bye bye to winning this week.
We've done lots of training for tomorrow. On Monday we went to a school and some pupils showed us some tips which was wicked. Ed and Mark have been arguing over who is the better footballer. Mark just hates losing!

Looking forward to tomorrow, not long til Christmas now ! yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!.

See you then xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Another McFly visit

  • Mark
  • 15 Dec 06, 02:46 PM


We’re getting to see a lot of McFly at the moment. They came to visit us in the flat today and on Saturday they’ll be in the studio. Harry’s not feeling great but don’t worry McFly fans, we were very careful with him when McFly challenged us to penalty shoot out!

They performed their new song for us this afternoon which was brilliant and you can see it on the show this week so set your alarms for 9 o’clock and if you’ve got a question for the boys make sure you get in contact with us before then.

I’ve got to go now because whilst I’ve been writing this Sam has been putting in some sneaky football practise. If I lose this week I’ll never hear the end of it. Don’t forget to vote for me I need all your support.

speak soon,

Mark “golden boots’ Rhodes

Back to winning ways

  • Sam
  • 14 Dec 06, 01:00 PM


Hey, hey, hey guys, Yeeeeaaaahhh!!!!! I finally won a Chinatown Challenge, I really didn’t think I'd win that so I was so chuffed. Smug Mark said that he was going to win every challenge until the end of the series so ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Matt Willis was a great guest, and I love his new song. And how good was our song with Jamelia? Im telling you it’s a Christmas number 1. Take a look at some pics from Saturday;

Me and Caroline with Matt Willis

Matt Willis with studio guests

Me and Caroline with studio guests

Me in a 'I'm a Celebrity' costume

A crew member in a 'I'm a Celebrity' costume

If you saw TMi a few weeks ago you’ll remember we had a piglet in the flat called Oscar who was part of a game called 'Baby Animal Tug of Love'. Well, this evening we had the world’s sweetest puppy come round so that we can play it again on Saturday. Who do you think the puppy liked best, me or Mark? If you think you know then get in touch and you could win some great prizes.

This morning we met the final piece of our biggest littlest band jigsaw. His name’s Joe and he is the youngest member of the band but his guitar playing is AMAZING. You can see him action on this week’s show and then next week we’re going to get them all on the show. I reckon they’re going to sound awesome and one day they might be as popular as Mcfly who are coming to visit us tomorrow.

Rock on!!

  • Mark
  • 14 Dec 06, 11:50 AM


Hi guys,

Last week's show was awesome and Matt Willis was in my opinion our best guest so far. He was really funny and it’s no wonder he's the King of the jungle. Although he didn’t laugh when he saw me dressed as a girl from High School Musical, can’t think why!!!! Finally Sam won the Chinatown rowing challenge and to be honest he deserved it because it’s been five weeks and it was getting rather boring, winning them all!!

Last week we put all the Christmasmas decorations up (Sam gets more excited everyday!) but I think we’ll have to put them up again after all the damage we’ve caused by practising for this week’s Chinatown football challenge. Sam’s not a big football fan so I reckon I’ve got a good chance but if I was playing against Ed it would be a different story. He’s pretty good, not as good as me of course, but pretty good. As Ed supports Burnley and I support Wolves we’re always talking about football but it’s been good to kick a ball around as well this week. Poor Sam, I bet he wishes it was a different challnge, like badminton or cooking.

Our final band member came to visit us in the flat today, his name was Joe aged 10 and he is our guitarist and if he is playing like that at 10 I cant imagine what he will sound like in another 10 years (super stardom beckons)! Again we had to put him through his rock 'n roll paces but once again he played a ‘blinder’ and I tell you what, I think we have got a fantastic band on our hands (watch out Mcfly)! You can see Joe rockin’ out on this week’s show and then watch the whole band perform live on our xmas day show on BBC ONE

Hot Gossip

  • Sam
  • 6 Dec 06, 04:28 PM


How do?

Hot gossip from Saturday! Dani Harmer loves Lil’ Chris eh? I reckon we should set up a blind date between them, and secretly set them up to meet in our flat! Then they could get married and me and Mark could sing at their wedding! Well, maybe not! Check out some pictures from Saturday;

Me, Mark and Caroline with Eton Road

Me, Mark and Caroline with Dani Harmer

Birthday Bingo

Me getting tied to a chair

I don’t know if you have noticed but Ed’s been acting like an embarrassing Dad in our flat recently. He’s been dancing like a Dad, and he keeps telling our new band to ‘KEEP ROCKING’! Sad.

Anyway, Adam who plays bass guitar In our new TMi houseband sorted him out and told him how to be cool like us. See if you notice any difference this week! I reckon the bad jokes, silly faces and bad smells will be back soon though.

We went swimming last night to practice for our rowing challenge and I got my hair all wet, Nightmare! We had a race in the pool too, with some new friends. As normal I carried on my losing streak in EVERYTHING I do (people ask me why I try and cheat all the time!). There will be no cheating this week though, I’m on my best behaviour, because other wise Father Christmas won’t bring me anything, right?

The King and Queen of the Jungle are on their way to the studio this week…no not Tarzan and Jane (good one!), its Matt Willis and Myleene Klass! Tune in to see them and a much cooler Ed, and of course to support me in Chinatown. I need your support!


My best dream

  • Mark
  • 6 Dec 06, 03:59 PM


Guess what? After being asked what my favourite dream was in Call Yourself a Friend, I actually had my favourite dream this week! I nodded off and had a wicked dream on Monday. I dreamt the Birthday Bingo month was September and that meant I got to enter! Then I got through, Sam answered the phone and I won all the Birthday Bingo prizes, how weird is that?

I had a bit of a haircut this week too, especially to impress Jamelia who popped in but I don’t think she noticed. It was good to see her anyway, she was very proud when we showed her the poster she gave us for Fill Our Flat in our bedroom (I didn’t tell her I kiss it every night before we go to bed though!) I also asked her if she fancied singing with me on ‘Confused Cheese’ my song about Eton Road, but for some reason we never got round to it.

So, what a week in the flat! And what a WEAK-LING Sam is in the studio! I once again proved I’m the strongest physically and mentally by winning Chinatown again, so you voters might want to change the way you think this week! I’ll leave you to make your own minds up who’s going to win the rowing challenge. I’ll give you a clue though…. It begins with ‘M’ and ends in ‘ARK’!

You wait and see this Saturday….its on like kong!

mark ‘rowboat’ rhodes

More animals in the TMi flat

  • Sam
  • 1 Dec 06, 05:01 PM


Today we’ve had 3 different animals come into the flat. A puppy, a pig and a hen. Much fun was had apart from when the hen pooed everywhere! It’s for a new game we’re going to play on tomorrow and if you want to get involved check out the ‘contact us’ page.

This week’s Chinatown Challenge is a pop quiz. I think both me and Mark are equally rubbish at our pop knowledge so it should be an interesting one. I have to win this one let’s be honest, but don’t worry I’ll not let you down so keep voting for me. I don’t like to beg but plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz vote for me and not that Wolverhampton wally plz plz plz, but as I said I don’t beg. Look at how hard I am studying for this one;

Studying for the challenge

Studying for the challenge

Studying for the challenge

See you tomorrow xxxxxxxxx

Talking about pop music

  • Mark
  • 1 Dec 06, 04:31 PM


Oh dear it was a bit of an animal fest in the flat today because we tried out a new game called ‘Baby Animal Tug of Love’ with a baby chick, a piglet called Oscar and the cutest puppy in the world who I fell in love with. Now people say, in TV never work with animals and that is so true because at first everything we tried to do with them they either completely ignored us or tried to poo on us!! Anyway, we got what we wanted eventually and if you want to win some prizes you can play the game involving the animals tomorrow. Check out the contact page to apply.

Helen and I normally try to find a way of winding sam up by playing tricks on him but this week it just hasn’t worked. he’s SO suspicious that nothing we do works which is SO annoying.

This week’s Chinatown challenge is something a little bit different it's all about our musical knowledge and I must admit yet again I feel as though I have got the upper hand on him. Most of the challenges we have done, I have come out on top so I am thinking 8-4 is looking increasingly likely, and I don’t think Sam can come back from that! Anyway nice catching up with you all again hope you enjoy the show tomorrow! Check me out revising;

Revising for this week's challenge

Revising for this week's challenge

Mark ‘Dj’ Rhodes x x x

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