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A McFly-ing visit

  • Mark
  • 30 Oct 06, 04:35 PM


Hey everyone,

Check out these pics I took after the show on Saturday;

Sam with McFly

Sam and Danny from McFly

Harry from McFly with Ed

Spooky time

  • Mark
  • 27 Oct 06, 01:49 PM


We had a couple of visitors to the flat this week, namely two TMi viewers called Shaun and Finnan who applied on the website to come to play a few Halloween games with us. They ended up taking all our great things from the flat! We all wore very glamorous costumes Ed was a vampire which he looks like without the costume anyway, Helen was a witch with a crooked nose, Sam was a pumpkin which looked hilarious and little old me was left with the hottest mummy costume ever, and when I say hot I don’t mean I looked good in it! (I was boiling). Here I am before the costume at the spooky flat;


This week's Chinatown is proving to be a tough one once again. At the beginning I was feeling very confident because anything involving ball games often means I thrash Sam because of his rubbish hand eye co-ordination but not this time. He really has taken to this challenge like a duck to water and he is starting to become very smug about it. This is the time to start fighting back so to win this basketball challenge I am gonna practice, practice, practice and this will mean a lot of problems for Nixon you mark my words.

Anyway, I’m off now as we’re trying to build a spaceship for McFly to use on tomorrow’s show, it will all make sense when you switch on at 9am!

Love ya!

Mark “Shoot hoops” Rhodes x x x x

Slam Dunkin'

  • Sam
  • 27 Oct 06, 01:22 PM


I’m really liking this week's Chinatown Challenge, it’s basketball. Its going to be really close I can tell thee. We’ve had some training from a proper basketball team, they showed us how to intimidate each other by making strange loud noises. They were the tallest men in the history of the world, they even made me look small.

Here's me and Mark in training;
Me playing basketball

Mark playing basketball

We’ve got McFly in the studio tomorrow. I thought they were fantastic in the flat last week so I’m sure they’ll be up for a laugh in the studio. I’m loving their new song ‘Star Girl’, we’ve been playng it all week in the flat.

C u tomorrow xxxxxxxx


  • Sam
  • 25 Oct 06, 04:55 PM


Yo Yo Yo, hows it goin guys?

Well what can I say, it's 3-3 in the Chinatown Challenge, and I hate to big myself up but how good was Mark's forfeit? I have had that lined up for weeks, but I kept losing so it was great to finally see his face, he hated it. How wicked was Alesha? She's such a nice person, and GORGEOUS! So make sure you vote for her video on the TMi Picklist!

Big news! Helen's had her hair coloured, it looks lovely. She says it's natural but I just laughed in her face. On Monday we had a bit of a Halloween feast. Two TMi viewers came to the SCARY feast to try and win some prizes. I wasn’t happy tho coz not only was I dressed in a stupid pumpkin costume but Ed was the judge. He was rubbish and didn’t judge fairly. If there was an award 4 the worst judge in the world Ed would win and I would be the judge.

At the minute I’m drinking coffee from a CBBC mug, I love a good mug, that’s why I love Mark ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

On Tuesday me and Ed played a Halloween trick on Mark and Helen, it involves a Tarrantula and it is fantastic (unless you’re Mark or Helen). You can see more on Saturday but in the mean time chck out, these photo's.

Helen being scared of the spider

Me with the spider

Think we’ve just come up with a good ‘Surely’ game, it’s going along with CBBC’s ‘get spooked’ theme of course and it took us a while to come up with it but we got there in the end. Talking of spooky goings on, I really think that something strange is happening in the flat, we keep breaking things . . . and very nearly smashed one of the cameras.

The worst forfeit ever!

  • Mark
  • 25 Oct 06, 04:24 PM


Alright guys hope your all well,

Cracking show on Saturday, really enjoyed the madness!! No disrespect to any of our guests that we have had on TMi this series but Alesha was the nicest ones we’ve had so far and wow she is stunning looking too!


What a horrible Chinatown Challenge as well, I felt genuinely sick when I had to put that West Bromwich Albion top on for my forfeit. I think Sam went way over the line and I think it's safe to say that my forfeit for him as gone up about five levels, so watch out dude! To make it even worse West Brom beat Wolves 3-0 on Sunday!

It was a very busy day in the flat yesterday and also quite a scary one as lots of very strange things keep on happening, let’s just say I was sleeping with one eye open all night. Helen has been feeling the full force of Ed and Sam's pranks and to a certain degree me too. Helen is petrified of spiders and I think the lads went too far when they bought a huge tarantula into the flat to scare her. I obviously wasn’t scared one bit (well, maybe a little) but it made Helen cry. So I think I'm her favourite, so at least one good things come out of it.

Check out this other pic from the last show, I felt really posh;
Sam, Mark and Caroline in the TMi studio

Saturday Fun

  • Mark
  • 20 Oct 06, 03:09 PM


Our ‘Surely They Can’t Make A Game Out Of That’ game looks like it’s going to be a good one. It involves dressing in cops and robbers outfits which is always a good thing, also, we get to use soap which is brilliant because when you live with Sam and Ed for the amount of time that I have they need a good wash! This is how things in the flat normally work when we come up with a game. Sam and I start mucking around with the props, Ed tries to stop us mucking around and tries to make us concentrate on making a game, Helen comes up with some ideas, me and Sam ignore her, Helen gets angry!!

This week's Chinatown Challenge is my least favourite because it involves using my brain and a lot of people will tell you that’s not my strongest point. The memory test we have been given is the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I am dreading seeing Sam’s poo face when he wins on Saturday. As much as it hurts me to say it, it looks very likely that its gonna be the case! But to all the people that voted for me, I will try my best to win and wipe that smug look of the Barnsley badger's face!!

Peace out!!!!

Mark `The rememberer supreme` Rhodes
x x x x x x x x x

Playing tricks on Mark.

  • Sam
  • 20 Oct 06, 02:59 PM


Last night I put coffee granules all over Mark's bed, he hates coffee, it all melted on to the sheets and looked like he had an accident, if you know what I mean.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, we’ve got Alesha in the studio, she’s lovely, I secretly fancy her, but don’t tell anyone.

Anyway I’m going to revise now for the challenge, I really wanna win coz I’ve had the same forfeit set for Mark for the past 3 weeks. It’s a beauty.

See you tomorrow morning xxxxx

Meeting Ashlee

  • Mark
  • 19 Oct 06, 09:25 PM


Sam and I went to Chicago tonight, not the city but the musical. We were there to meet up with Ashlee Simpson which was very exciting. Unfortunately, we couldn’t resist ‘borrowing’ something from her to use in the flat, you can see how we got on this Saturday morning. We’d never met Ashlee properly before but she is really cool and VERY pretty. I think she likes me.

Mark tried to cook

  • Sam
  • 19 Oct 06, 07:30 PM


Now I don’t want to tempt fate but having spent all morning working on it I reckon that this week’s ‘Surely They Can’t Make Game Of That’ game could be our best yet. It will certainly be quite funny and very clean ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , you’ll get that joke on Saturday when you see the props.

For supper, Mark wanted to cook us all potato pie, but we didn’t have any potatoes, he got a bit upset instead of getting up and going to the shops, typical! He’s very jealous of my cooking skills so I think he invented a recipe that we didn’t have the ingredients for on purpose. Helen, is the only one who doesn’t like my food and that’s just because I accidentally dropped her food on the floor one day and then everyone laughed at her.

The big news is that Ed has had his hair cut and Helen has curled hers, I suppose that those comments are quite boring. That’s because this week me and Mark have been bored to tears with the ‘Chinatown Challenge’. It’s a memory test, so its been a bit like revising for a test. I say it’s been boring but possibly Mark did the funniest thing whilst revising, he was losing and turned into a BIG baby by knocking a cup over Ed and Helen. I can’t wait to see it back on Saturday. I was laughing for hours.

Here's me and Ed revising.
Me and Ed revising

Vote for Sam!

  • Sam
  • 18 Oct 06, 03:12 PM


Eyup guys, hope your having a splendid week. I’ve just got over the embarrassment of wearing that very girly ballet outfit on Saturday, although the tights were nice and silky. I know I lost on Saturday but I can honestly say I was over the moon with my performance, I didn’t think I’d last that long.

Talking of Chinatown, before I went to bed tonight I went to the TMi website to vote for myself to win (as usual!) and was shocked to discover that more and more of you are voting for Mark, don’t give up on me Sam fans!

Girls Aloud were great, I reckon Mark fell in love. Can’t believe we lost ‘Call Yourself A Friend’ again. We’re losing 3-2 now, gutted. Who would have thought it but we’ve had another winner on ‘Loot Machine’ it’s something like a 1 in 27 chance to win, and we’ve had 2 winners already.

Last week we put a message on the website for McFly fans to get in touch and this afternoon we invited a couple of them round. They came into the flat and chilled with us, but what they didn’t know is that McFly were in the flat hiding behind a big screen. It was a wicked surprise for them and you can see it all on Saturday’s show. It was really nice to see the McFly lads, not seen them in ages. I love their new song and have voted for it on the TMi Picklist this week.

McVisitors to the flat

  • Mark
  • 18 Oct 06, 02:49 PM


Wow! What a brilliant show it was last week. Everyone seems to be having such a laugh and we hope you are too. Girls Aloud were on top form and took great pleasure in pelting me with strawberries, chocolate and cream. It went all over my brand new shirt GUTTED!! We were over the moon when we had another winner in Loot Machine even though I think we are running out of prizes now because everyone is so good. The Chinatown Challenge last week was by far my favourite one and loads of people have said to me that they didn’t know which way it would go but once again the Rhodester pulled it out the bag (I hope Rhodester sticks as a nickname it rocks)!!!

It’s been a good week in the flat so far. We’ve just had a surprise visit from four lads who I think are gonna be a band to look out for in the future! Only joking!! It was the lads from McFly who came in to surprise two girls who are their biggest fans. We hid McFly in the flat and when they jumped out, their fans’ faces were priceless.

Danny with the McFly fans

You can see exactly what happened on Saturday's show along with an amazing performance of McFly's new single ‘Star Girl’ which the boys did in our living room. I’m just finishing a letter to Christina Aguilera to find out if she’d do the same thing one day!

Girls Aloud

  • Sam
  • 16 Oct 06, 02:35 PM


Alright Everyone!!

Girls Aloud were on the show on Saturday. I managed to take a couple of snaps of them, have a look;

Girls Aloud arriving at TMi

Girls Aloud in the TMi Mobile

See Ya

Pics from the show.

  • Mark
  • 16 Oct 06, 02:18 PM


Hey everyone,

Check out some pics from Saturday morning;

Sam dressed as a ballerina after losing the Chinatown Challenge.

Alex and James, who luckily beat us in 'Call Yourself A Friend'

Alex and James try to take us on in another way

Visit from the Flackster

  • Sam
  • 13 Oct 06, 04:59 PM


I’m so tired from this week's Chinatown Challenge. We have been lifting loads of weights and doing lots of different exercises. Even Caroline came to give us a work out this morning, she turned into an evil person, but it was nice to see her! Not sure how it’s going to go on Saturday, although it’s a very physical challenge it’s quite a mental one too. Mark at the moment is beating me, but please keep voting for me 'coz I won’t let you down.

Remember the Darts Chinatown Challenge from ages ago? I can't remember who won that one. Bobby George (the darts legend) sent us some tips on how to improve. Check them out by clicking here. If you are going to give darts a go though, remember to be really, really careful and make sure you have a parent/guardian to play with.

Really looking forward to tomorrow, it’s such a great atmosphere in the studio. I hope that comes across on your telly. Its sad that there is no more Likeaballs on TMi but we have got Fairly Odd Parents on the show, and that’s just my parents ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….ha..ha, only kiddin, that wasn’t that funny was it? Im goin now,

Bye x

P.S it’s halloween soon so Mark & I wondered whether any of you wanted to come round to our flat with a friend for a spooky evening! If you’re not too scared then go to the Contact TMi page and tell us why you’d like to come over and it could be you!

Can't wait for the show

  • Mark
  • 13 Oct 06, 04:38 PM


We’ve had three surprise visitors already this week, first off Danny and Joe, our first competitors in Call Yourself A Friend, came back to steal, yes that’s right, STEAL our generic mp3 players which we won fair and square. In a cruel twist of fate they left with them after they cheated in a cracker challenge (this will all make sense tomorrow, honest)! Then if that wasn’t enough, Flackster woke us up very early this morning wanting to do an aerobic workout, that girl is slightly crackers. Our ‘Surely’ game is coming on a treat, all I am saying is that we have come up with a game with a lot of ‘cactusphere’!

Chinatown this week is all about strength and endurance and I have got to say it is the hardest one yet and probably the closest. The difference is that I am exercising all the time whenever I have got a spare minute and Sam is playing it really cool and isn’t bothering that much. This means either two things, firstly Sam is playing a game with me and wants to lure me into a false sense of security or he thinks he’s got no chance; hopefully it’s the second one!

By the way, we've had a lot of requests to show everyone 'The Dressing Gown Song' that we did on the show. Watch it in all it's glory by clicking here.

Anyway gonna love you and leave you, see ya tomorrow peeps!!!!

Mark “Special Shoulders” Rhodes x x x x x x x x

ps - It’s Halloween soon so Sam & I wondered whether any of you wanted to come round to our flat with a friend for a spooky evening! If you’re not too scared then go to the TMi Contact Page and tell us why you’d like to come over and it could be you!

That difficult second song

  • Sam
  • 12 Oct 06, 03:51 PM


Last night I asked Helen which hand she wiped her bum with, she said ‘my right’ and I said ‘I use toilet paper’ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………ha ha ha.

We’ve been trying to come up with a follow up song to ‘A Coffee Boiled (A Coffee Spoiled)'. So far we’ve come up with ‘A Tea NOT Boiled (A Tea Spoiled) I reckon it needs more work!

You will not believe who came to the flat today, only Danny and Joe, the first losers of ‘Call Yourself A Friend’. They came to try and win back their MP3 players that me and Mark won fair and square because we’re bezzie mates. I'll not let you know what happens, you’ll just have to watch on Saturday at 9:00am on BBC 2 and on the CBBC channel (good plug!!).

We’ve got Girls Aloud on the show on Saturday so watch out for Mark turning on to flirt mode.

Friend practise

  • Sam
  • 9 Oct 06, 04:51 PM


Yo, yo, yo.

Hope you're all well and having a good week. Well what can I say about my slow reactions in Chinatown Challenge? I can only hold my hands up and say that Mark fought a good battle. Is it weird that I kinda liked that babygrow? Anyway I thought Harry Hill was a wicked guest, so funny and it meant we had a celebrity ‘slaphead’ in the studio. It was wicked to see Barney too, this week’s Prank Patrol was a great one, and Barney's favourite he told me.

Me, Mark, Ed and Helen recorded Saturday’s show and watched it in the flat today, it’s quite vain I know but I did look great, ha ha ha. Obviously we fast-forwarded 'call yourself a friend'. I hope Chloe & Amber are enjoying those guitars because me & mark are REALLY jealous. I don’t know if you can do best friend practise but if you can that’s what we’re going to be doing for the rest of the week.

The greatest show

  • Mark
  • 9 Oct 06, 04:41 PM


Hiya guys,

Thought last week's show was my favourite so far, we had some fantastic guests and it was a real laugh from start to finish for us and we hope that came across to you lot at home. We had Harry Hill pop in and he was a real scream, never has one man pulled so many faces in such a short space of time LEGEND!!!! Barney from Prank Patrol was on fine form too and gave away some brill prizes and he bought along his ninja for some company bless him!

It was a great Chinatown Challenge last week and probably the closest one yet and may I thank my 28% of loyal fans for your support I am quite simply the reaction king and Sam was crying for hours on Saturday when I beat him!! He’s been pretending all day that he let me win but I think his face on saturday proved what a little liar he is. I bet he won’t be so generous when I make it 3-2 on Saturday.

Tricky challenge

  • Mark
  • 6 Oct 06, 04:16 PM


Not quite sure what to make of this week's Chinatown challenge which is all about reflexes. This week I believe is gonna be really close because we both have pretty good hand-eye co-ordination. If it’s down to catching I think I have the advantage but if it’s a hitting challenge the Nixonator will unleash his forfeit against me once again! Hopefully, this won’t happen and my army of supporters all 33% of ya will be smiling once again.

Much love x x Mark “flashdance” Rhodes x

The flatmates

  • Sam
  • 6 Oct 06, 03:56 PM


As Ed and Helen are sulking in the bedroom because Mark & I beat them in a reflex game I thought I’d write and tell you a bit about them, especially as you get to see them on the show every week.

Ed -
He’s great fun, although a little hairy. So hairy that we told him to shave his beard off, I now kinda miss his Yeti face. Me and Mark have worked with Ed for quite a few years now so it's wicked to be living with someone we know so well.

Helen -
She is so lovely and keeps us in line. I reckon she gets fed up with our boyish ways. Again me and Mark have known Helen for quite a few years so she knows us really well. She makes a great cup of tea too.

Everybody shouted at me last night because I’ve been getting on everyone’s nerves by keeping them awake talking in the bedroom at night. I can't help it but I feel like I need a good chat before I go to bed. The other night I kept talking about my legs (you had to be there) I tend to get the hint when nobody answers my questions. This is probably the reason im always so tired.

Anyway got to go and think of a forfeit for mark now so I'll see you on TMi tomorrow xxxxxxxxx

Saturday's guests

  • Mark
  • 4 Oct 06, 04:46 PM


Today’s 'Surely they can’t make a game out of that' was very tough! We were given great props but couldn’t quite put them together. However, with a little help from Sam’s cardboard friend (find out what that means Sat), we came up with a game which could only be described as an epic! Got some great guests on this week's show, Prank Patrol’s Barney’s in so we better watch ourselves, also the legend that is Harry Hill will be with us so I would imagine Saturday will be a lot of fun. Have a look at this, I managed to get a quick picture of Sam preparing for the show.

Sam preparing for the show

Weird Mark

  • Sam
  • 4 Oct 06, 04:16 PM


Mark (rubbish at Limbo) Rhodes been acting funny since Sunday. I’m sure he’s been up to something, or maybe it’s me being paranoid. He keeps trying to get me do weird things like play his silly biscuit game or drink glasses of salty water, very, very strange. No doubt I’ll find out on Saturday what it’s all about.

We’ve had a great afternoon in the flat training for this week’s Chinatown Challenge. We’ve been trying out a number of reflex games including slaps and catching 2ps off our elbows. It seems like it’s quite an even task this week but the pressure could get to us on the day. If the reflex game on Saturday involves catching then I’m in big, big trouble. Anything else and I reckon I’ll make it 3-1. Check out the pic of Mark practising.

Mark practising for the Chinatown Challenge

Don’t forget to keep voting for me. Whilst your voting can you send us some silly suggestions for things to use in the ‘Surely’ game as this week’s was really hard (it's only week 4). I reckon we’ve pulled it out of the bag though!

Chinatown Champion

  • Sam
  • 2 Oct 06, 06:03 PM


Hi guys,

Hope you're all well and enjoyed Saturday's show. I’m so chuffed I won the Chinatown Challenge, I honestly didn’t think I was going to win but I pulled it back. Mark (rubbish at darts) Rhodes made a great pigeon , don’t you think?

Can’t believe we got a Loot Machine winner, and on our first caller too, amazing. That means new prizes next week so make sure you enter.

I’ve just cooked us some tea and dropped Helen's on the floor, I felt really bad. It was quite funny tho.

Looking forward to Saturday coz Barney Harwood is coming in. Make sure you get your questions in for him and our other guest Harry Hill, never met him before so that should be exciting.

I thought I'd won it

  • Mark
  • 2 Oct 06, 05:05 PM


Hi guys!

Got to say that last week's show was brill, it was the most costume changes ever in the space of three hours for everyone. Must say thank you to our guest Jesse McCartney who was a real laugh and a really nice guy to have around, good luck with the single Jesse!!

We finally had a winner in Loot Machine hooray!! I really didn’t think that was gonna happen all series. So you know what to do if you wanna win, send us your parents tat to win something phat. I am still getting over my defeat in The Chinatown Challenge. I was absolutely gutted for many reasons but the main one was that Sam was terrible at darts and I thought I had it in the bag. The moral of this story is never count your chickens or else a small hobbit from Barnsley will beat you (well I think that’s how it goes).

It’s been a busy old day today. Sam cooked dinner for us all Ed, Helen and myself and it was a lovely dish of salmon wrapped in Parma ham with potato and cheese YUMMY!! However, Sam dropped Helen's plate on the floor so all she was left with was crusty potatoes with bits of fluff on from the floor. So to cheer her up we wrote her a song, Ed and Sam wrote the music I wrote the lyrics. It’s called 'Helen's sorry song':



Needless to say she accepted our apology and the song will be available in all good music shops (only joking).

Take a look at some photo's from last week;

The Desert Penguins

Me dressed as a pigeon. How embarrasing!

Lil' Chris visiting the flat

Me getting ready for bed

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