The Aftermouth! A Review of Episode 9

Saturday 8 March 2014, 21:10

 The Voice UK The Voice UK Online Team

EP9 Aftermouth

Oh my goodness, we had tears, tantrums and coaches going AWOL mid show! Quite an eventful evening on The Voice this episode.

Emma and Marvin offer up the chocolate box of delights that is The Voice Louder – basically all the fudgy caramelly stuff -  available now on iPlayer.

After last week’s Battle Kylie was the only coach left with a steal, so she was certainly feeling the pressure this week

EP9 Aftermouth

More of that later. So, who came out into the ring first?

First up, a Serpent vs a Lion (© a.k.a Chris Royal and Jamie Lovatt, who blew us all away with their version of Rolling in the Deep. Ricky put Chris through to the next stage and Jamie (surely the serpent with his snakeskin accessories?) left us for good.


Next it was a teen battle as Rachael O’Connor took on Amelia O’Connell, but Rachael had the edge – leaving poor Kylie in bits as the other coaches didn’t have a steal left and Amelia had to leave.

EP9 Aftermouth

It was an eyeliner battle up next, with Kiki deVille vs James Byron – and Kiki gave Will a run for his money with her own special pet name for him – Will-de-beast! This didn’t persuade him to keep her though as James went through.

EP9 Aftermouth

There were a couple of similar duos up next as pink/red heads Melissa and Vicky Jones and then 2 hunks with guitars Max Murphy and Myles Evans went head-to-head. Melissa and Max were picked by Tom and Ricky respectively but Kylie didn’t exercise her steal.

EP9 Aftermouth

Two jazz-cats Sophie May Williams and Cherri Prince gave a fabulous rendition of Love Cats, but despite being Will’s Cherri-on-the-cake, he opted to put Sophie-stication through to the Knockouts.

EP9 Aftermouth

Best buddies Joe Keegan and Jamie Johnson put their friendship on hold to do some vocal jousting in the ring. It was clearly a touch choice for Kylie, but Jamie won by a whisker and more importantly, the boys stayed friends.

EP9 Aftermouth

Iesher Haughton vs Femi Santiago performed a marvellous duet, but then Femi did his own solo performance especially for Kylie after Will put Iesher through. It worked, as Kylie opted for the steal, although she later claimed that she was always holding out for Femi, the serenade was just the icing on the cake! Can’t help wondering what it must be like to be Mrs Femi – dreamy!

EP9 Aftermouth  

Despite the fact that neither of them are 22, Georgia and Leverne Scott-Roberts put in an energetic performance that saw Georgia safely through to the Knockouts. Jade soon followed them, seeing off twin duo Gemyni with a Britney number, before Elesha Paul Moses went up against Gary Poole. This was Elesha’s second year of Battles but sadly once again she lost out as Gary went through – perhaps it’ll be third time lucky next year?

EP9 Aftermouth

Luciee Marie Closier and Jazz Bates Chambers closed the show with a dramatic showdown. They did a proper battle, with grenades and everything (well ok, they sung Bruno Mars ‘Grenade’).  Ricky was momentarily stumped, but then chose Jazz and Luciee’s experience on The Voice came to an end.

So that’s the Battles done and dusted.

What did you think? Did the right people go through? If you were playing along on the app we noticed that quite a few of you disagreed with the coaches! It’s not too late to download the app so you can playalong on Saturday.  And of course, there’s plenty of juicy goodness in there to keep you occupied between shows, including the Trivia Quiz and the Latest section with news, galleries and clips.

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And don’t forget to join in with the chat on facebook, twitter and our other social media platforms and let us know what you think!

The Voice: The Knockout Weekend:

Saturday 15th March, 7.15 pm

Sunday 16th March, 7.45pm


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    Comment number 1.

    How about encouraging people to join the "chat" on this and other Voice blogs. You make us feel estranged as a significant number of us viewers/licence fee payers don't have (or especially want) Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts!

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    Comment number 2.

    Hi ChrisA1
    We're really keen for people to chat on the Voice blog. Where we can we always try and give people the option to join in via the website as an alternative to Twitter and Facebook. We ran #askricky after saturday's show on Twitter but also encouraged people to send questions in via the blog too. Some of theose questions were answered by Ricky and a live blog will feature later today which will show all his answers from Twitter and display it on the website for people who don't have social accounts. Sadly the number of comments are always quite low on the website.

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    Comment number 3.

    The Voice, well I don't know about that.....!?! It's mostly armatures with their instruments trying to cover up what is at best mediocre VOICES and as if that's not BAD- ENOUGH they have an ORCHESTRA.

    Furthermore, I hear Madam Kylie is dating one of the Contestants....!!!! I feel this could be UNFAIR to the OTHER CONTESTANTS. Especially since I want to date her LOL :-)

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    Comment number 4.

    You are joking of course. Who'd have thought a singing competition would have "amateurs" in it :-o
    And I don't think she picked the one she's supposedly dating ;)

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    Comment number 5.

    @Yram Premdjee - BBC host
    There were 27 posts on the "Ricky Answers Your Questions!" blog - and you only posed ONE of the questions - a rather daft one at that IMHO - yep, that's real encouragement for people to use the website!


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