Live Show 1: Who went home?

Friday 7 June 2013, 22:04

 The Voice - James The Voice - James Online Team

Leanne Eliminated Leanne was one of the four to go home

And so, our first night of live awesomeness is over. It has of course been amazing but so sad to see four incredible artists go home.


After the votes were counted, it was Sarah, Alys, Mitchel and Leanne who said goodbye, and understandably it was hashtag-emotional.


To all four artists, we salute you. And we look forward to seeing you in superstardom.


To the remaining eight, our applause and bigups.


When you’ve wiped away the sniffles, watch tonight’s performances again and tell us what you think below…


Bring on the semi-finals (after a bit of sleep).




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    Comment number 1.

    PLEASE give Holly some cough mixture, or something, PLEASE! The show is GREAT - LOVE IT but I cannot stand hearing Holly rasping and shouting, getting worse and worse. It ruins the commentary and very very distracting from all the other fantastic voices. Can't wait for next show but without the RASPING...
    Thank you.

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    Comment number 2.

    Generally happy with those going through but two got through on very poor performances and ruined the songs they were singing

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    Comment number 3.

    This is such a showcase for mind blowing talent. The judges are passionate and the song choices and changes, inspired. I do agree about Holly though. She's a great host and is so nice to the competitors but the show is called The Voice and she does sound dreadful. I do like her though so it' a small gripe in a vastly superior talent show to anything ITV offers.. Authentic and uplifting - I had to register just to rave! Great TV.

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    Comment number 4.

    As I've said in the other post gutted about Mitch but Leanne should have stayed, Cleo sounded pretty good but I didn't like what she did with Imagine, I think Leah would have been better for that song. Didn't particularly notice Holly but it was all good.

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    Comment number 5.

    It's between Leah and Ash for me. They are both incredibly naturally talented . Leah's voice is just WOW, and Ash's is just beautiful I could listen to him all day long. However they both need to cut out all the flowery Mariah Carey type stuff and just sing the songs as they should be.

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    Comment number 6.

    I was really gutted to see Mitchel go. Rockers never do well on public vote shows, but that young man has a great voice & can really perform. He was the only act I would pay to go & see right now - good luck to him in the future!

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    Comment number 7.

    I just want to say... Mitchel Emms, I really hope this isn't the last time I hear from him. Amazing for a rock singer to get through so far, truly brilliant to watch that talent and passion in a performance.


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