As the title suggests the four The Voice Finalists were on The One Show last night. We got the lowdown on the backstage antics:

Christina got a celebrity taxi bike to the studio. Jamie wound her up as she waited for it to arrive, telling her they go really fast and to remember not to lean into the corners! See the pics HERE.

Sally's train broke down en route. After a bit of panic, she made it to the studios just in the nick of time... and sang wonderfully, seemingly unfazed by the ordeal.

Jermain spent the entire recording of The One Show tweeting pics and comments - obviously channelling his inner

• Sally's highlight of the show was meeting Sandi Toksvig as she's a big fan. They had a photo together which she later posted on Facebook.

• Jermain and Dan Snow had a selfie together which Jermain immediately tweeted. Dan seemed impressed that Jermain was already following him on Twitter.

• However, Jamie had no idea who Dan and Sandi were - he had to google them!

Watch the full show HERE


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by Stewart

    on 11 Apr 2014 14:25

    Having recently returned from the Caribbean after two years, I am shocked and dismayed both at the acts on The Voice but especially the judges, who are really not up to it. The American version is so much better, both in terms of quality of contestants and the knowledge and skill of the judges. Absolutely no comparison. The UK version is a joke. No wonder Minogue is leaving, she was dire. Gush, gush, gush.

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