Episode 5: The Aftermouth

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And so ends another round of Blind Auditions (sniff). Once they’d calmed down, we managed to grab a chat with each of this week’s successful artists as they came off stage. And there was A LOT of them this week so let’s get going - here’s what they had to say... 

Jamie Bruce was “shellshocked and dazed” after his audition. He chose Tom because he feels that they have similar vocal styles – they’re going to be perfect for each other. Weird fact: Jamie is a fan of cooking shows. “I could watch cookery programmes with Nigel Slater and Rick Stein all day,” he says. And obviously he’s watching The Voice UK too... 

Funny man Jordan Lee Davies wanted will.i.am from the start and his dream came true when Will turned for him. AND he’s got a connection with Sir Tom Jones – “Tom Jones danced with my nan,” he says. “I could’ve been Tom’s grandson!” Speaking of dancing, Jordan LOVES to dance so expect more of it in the Battle Rounds. “I trained in dance,” he says. “Stick a song on and I’ll be the one shimmying in the corner.” 

“Super, super duper excited” was how Cherelle Basquine (what a name!) was feeling after joining Team Tom. “I got a hug from Tom Jones!” she realised as we spoke to her. “Wait until I tell my grandma!” She’s VERY excited about the Battle Rounds and promises more sparkly outfits from her wardrobe. “Everything in my wardrobe is sparkly and spiky,” she says. “My whole house is made of sparkles.” Wowsers! 

Portuguese Ricardo Afonso was still buzzing after his awesome audition. “The adrenaline is still running,” he said. Ricardo became the eighth member of Team Danny and there was confusion when Danny thought Ricardo was a West Ham Supporter. “I said ‘I’m a West End performer’ and Danny thought I said ‘I’m a West Ham supporter’,” Ricardo explains. “I actually support Benfica from Lisbon.” Glad we cleared that up. 

Youtube sensation Sean Rumsey and former Hollyoaks actress Alice Barlow also each joined Danny’s clan. Fun fact about Sean – he can cook a mean spaghetti bolognaise. Fun fact about Alice – her mum and dad own alpacas (they're a bit like llamas). Ooooooookkaaaayyyy... 

Bubbly duo Nu-Tarna joined Mr i.am’s team. “We’re gonna make him proud,” Kelly Marie promised. “We’re looking forward to finding the Nu-Tarna sound with him.” So, what can we expect from them in the Battle Rounds? “My hair’s been all kind of colours,” Elesha says. “So, I might change it again for the Battles...as long as it doesn’t fall out from all the bleach!” And Kelly Marie has promised lots of hats. “I’m the super hat queen,” she says. “There’s plenty more hats where this one came from!” 

Suited and booted Nate James didn’t realise any coaches had turned until he’d finished as he’d had his eyes closed. When he finally opened his eyes, he chose Jessie’s team. So, why Jessie? “I think Jessie will make me work damn hard,” Nate says. Nate looked pretty sharp on stage in his suit and tie (to quote Justin Timberlake) – “I like to look sharp on TV,” he says. “And will.i.am asked me who my tailor was. I think he wants to steal my suit!” Watch out – Sneaky Willie’s about. 

Man band De’Vide is made up of Barney and Lex – the boys brought the cool to Team Jessie. They’ve brought their mix of influences and eclectic taste together to make something new. “We’re proud we’re on this ride together,” says Barney. “And I can’t wait to tell my family!” Aww, bless.

Adele tribute Lareena Mitchell wanted Sir Tom to be her coach all along and her wish came true when he pressed his button for her. “I’m feeling on top of the world right now,” she says. She performs as Adele most weekends but has she ever met her? “I’ve never met her,” Lareena says. “My biggest dream would be to meet her. I think she’s amazing.” Well, maybe now she’s seen you on the telly, Lareena...who knows? 

Colin Chisholm filled up another spot on Team Tom. He feels like he can learn the most from Tom as he’s “constantly reinventing himself” and, as Colin says, “He’s been the best singer for the decades. In my opinion, he’s got a phenomenal voice.” When he’s not singing, Colin is a keen cook – “Chinese food is the thing I do best.” If anyone wants a takeaway, call Colin. 

And finally, Paul Carden became part of Danny’s family of singers. He thought no-one had turned so he was VERY relieved when he saw Danny. Paul may have met Alice Barlow before as he once played a busker on Hollyoaks! “We did a few takes and the actors kept putting money in my hat and not taking it out,” he says. “By the end of the day, I’d made quite a bit of money!” 

So, there you have it. Next week it’s the final Blind Auditions and there’s more talent than you can shake a microphone at. Listen to exclusive previews for next Saturday’s show and predict who will make it through with our amazeballs (we’ll never say amazeballs again) Voice Predictor Game online and on mobile.

We’ll see you next Saturday at 8.05pm.


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