So the quarter-final is well and truly done. It was loud, it was lovely and it was LIVE.


Tonight’s show had everything: dancers, drummers, drama and Danny: not to mention things that didn’t start with a D. Lots of big performances, few big surprises and shedloads of excitement.


Watch those mindblowing performances again...


Matt Henry sings 'Wonder'

Ash Morgan sings 'Lego House'

Sarah Cassidy sings 'Love Sensation'

Alys Williams sings 'Is This Love'

Joseph Apostol sings 'Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher'

Mike Ward sings 'When I Was Your Man'

Andrea Begley sings 'Ho Hey'

Mitchel Emms sings 'Radioactive'

Karl Michael sings 'A Thousand Years'

Leanne Jarvis sings 'Where Have You Been?'

Cleo Higgins sings 'Imagine'

Leah McFall sings 'I Will Survive'


But unfortunately, we will have to say bye to four artists tonight. Which four will they be? Tell us your hunches below.


And quick, put the kettle on before the results show.

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