Hi all! Reggie here...

Thought I’d take a five minute sun break to write a quick blog because in FIVE DAYS TIME, one of our finalists lives will be changed forever when they become The Voice UK. I can’t believe how quickly the series has gone – seems like only yesterday Mr i.am introduced the word ‘dope’ into our vocabulary and Sir Tom dropped his first name. Ahhhh, memories...

Anyway, our finalists will soon have to adjust to a new life so they’ll need all the support and advice they can get. And who better to give some wise words about the music business than pop royalty, Cheryl and Kylie? They’ve been there and done that so what they don’t know about this biz that we call show ain’t worth knowing. And they were more than happy to share a few pearls of pop wisdom when they were in the studio this weekend.

So, grab a pen and paper and take notes. The lesson begins now...

Right, back to the garden,

R x

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by Phil G

    on 29 May 2012 12:51

    Well Reggie,
    You're probably aware of the general consensus of most of the readers of this Blog.
    Many are disappointed with the show format and results...I voted but the format of the show worked against my vote.
    I know the UK show is the UK show but after having watched the complete season 2 of the Voice US, I have to say that their format is better.
    They at least let the judges give their two remaining contestants points, with the public adding the rest (i.e. their votes) to decide.
    The public are then able to hear their thinking on why they offered the points to their contestants...interesting in the respect of song choices, judges decision etc..

    If there is a season 2 in the UK, most would want to see that the final eight contestants stand as individuals, irrespective of the judges and if one of the judges has two contestants saved then so be it...It should be about the contestants not judges...
    I also hope they will let you front the show, on reading the opinions of others on other News sites, you would be the preferred choice.

    Well, as I've said, I hope Vince or Leanne win it...but as I'm so disappointed with the show, I will probably be watching a French Open Tennis match and not the Voice.

    Enjoy the sunshine. :-)

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