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  1. Presenter and the voice of online

    So, bang-bang here we are. The Voice UK series 1 is done and what a ten-times-dope mega-smasher it has been. I’ve loved it. Holly’s loved it. The artists have loved it. The coaches have loved it. The team’s loved it. My barber’s loved it. We hope you’ve loved it too.

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  2. Online Team

    It’s been nearly a week since Holly uttered those immortal words, “The winner of The Voice is...Leanne Mitchell!” and made Leanne a signed, proper, actual, real artist. Her first week has been crazy busy but she still made time to have a chat with us today and tell us what’s been going on

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  3. Online Team

    Grab a glass of something with bubbles in it and make some noise for - The winner of The Voice UK!

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  4. Online Team

    Yep, the final is tonight and there is so much to look forward to – including a performance from none other than Brit Award winner and loop pedal extraordinaire Ed Sheeran!

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  5. Presenter and the voice of online

    It's gonna be a helluva final and our artists will need some killer song choices to clinch the title. So, I can now exclusively reveal the songs that Tyler, Vince, Bo and Leanne will be hoping send them to victory. Wrap your peepers round this little lot...

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