Why Iowa?

  • Matthew Price
  • 25 Oct 08, 03:19 PM GMT

Why am I in Des Moines? Why am I in Iowa?

The short response is because John McCain and Sarah Palin are both coming here to hold rallies, but to be honest I'm not sure that answers the question.

The local paper doesn't seem to get it either.

Perhaps the McCain campaign sees something we do not: that it is still possible for them to win here despite Barack Obama's huge lead in the state polls.

If that is the case then those who say that Mr McCain can still win this election may be onto something.

The other way of looking at it is that thee republican candidate knows he is in deep, deep trouble, and the only way through it that he can see is to win all the states that George W Bush won in 2004.

Which at this stage is looking like a very tall order.

Barack Obama has numerous different strategic paths to the White House; John McCain does not.


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