No wiggle room

  • Matthew Price
  • 30 Oct 08, 11:47 PM GMT

End of the day in Mentor. Joe the Plumber turned up again. He gets a huge cheer. McCain's supporters see him as a real hero. McCain says he's the only person that's managed to get a straight answer out of Obama. Which doesn't say much for McCain's debate performances, I'd argue.

I met several people today who said they believe the tax message will get through, and is doing so. I also met people who said they had initially been excited by Obama and had considered voting for him, but as they heard more about him they were turned off. The messages questioning his patriotism, branding him a socialist, linking him to Ayers et al have worked with some.

I suspect, though, with fewer than McCain needs.

So McCain devoted a whole day to just Ohio, and will do the same again tomorrow. He's told voters here he has to win this state, otherwise he won't win the election. McCain has no wiggle room. One failure and he's done for. There's nothing to show that the polls here are moving significantly in his favour. I wonder what he talks about on that bus, when he's finished the day's campaigning?


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