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NRA members' views on new gun laws

Mark Mardell | 13:05 UK time, Friday, 11 December 2009

Gun owners in the United States, including members of the National Rifle Association, aren't quite as opposed as you might think to new laws restricting rights to buy and carry firearms.

GunWell, that's according to the Washington Post, reporting on a poll commissioned by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. (One wonders whether there is a rival organisation, Mayors in Favor of Illegal Guns?)

The poll shows 78% of NRA members in favour of laws requiring them to report the theft of guns to the police, and 82% supporting a ban on the sale of guns to people on terrorist watch-lists. Perhaps this is a not-so-subtle form of negative propaganda: you have to wonder about the 18% who believe that potential terrorists should be allowed their guns, like everyone else.

I don't know what the Oklahoma woman whose trembling voice has graced many networks would make of this.

Donna Jackson was apparently reading her Bible in bed when she heard an intruder smashing into her home. On a 911 call, you can hear her repeatedly saying that she doesn't want to hurt the man, but that she has a big shotgun and that if she has to, she will shoot him "graveyard dead". Given permission by the operator, she does.


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