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Results eagerly awaited

Mark Mardell | 17:45 UK time, Sunday, 7 June 2009


The European Parliament is already buzzing with activity. All along the main walkway - or passerelle, as we call it here - the main party groupings have quite literally set out their stalls. TV stations have set up mini studios, some rather grand and gleaming, others little more than a stool and camera.

It's obvious that in Britain the big question is the impact of the result on Brown. But each country will have its own story to tell. What to look out for?

As always, turnout will be the first story, simply because we know about it before any firm results.

What are the results of the centre-right parties of government in the biggest countries - France, Germany, Poland and Italy?

Will the socialists make gains? And if they don't in mid-economic crisis what does that say about them?

Will the smaller parties of the hard left and right make gains?

Hopefully some answers as the evening progresses.


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