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Fishing for news

Mark Mardell | 08:45 UK time, Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thanks for all your kind (well, mostly) comments on my move and this blog. Just to answer a few of your questions: Yes, I am looking forward to writing a blog from the USA. I doubt I will travel quite so much as at the moment, as so much politics is Washington-centred, but to me getting out and about in such a huge and varied country is vital.

I hope the new blog, like this one, will feature a lot of the views of people who are on the sharp end of politicians' decisions, as well as the politicians' wrangling, gossip and policy debates in the capital itself. I really hope many of you will migrate with me, virtually speaking.

"Cramming and mugging?" Perhaps I should have said "mugging up": I continue to read too many books, internet sites and blogs to mention, but welcome your recommendations. No one has been chosen to replace me yet, but I am sure the blog will be a big part of their job.

Justin is not yet back in Blighty full-time, but when he moves he will be presenting the Today programme.

FreebornJohn (you need not join the migration) - you, and others, continually debate the legitimacy of the EU right here and it's been the focus, explicit or otherwise, of many of my pieces. But focusing on nothing else would be a dull monochrome, as well as real bias. I also don't quite know why you find fish irrelevant (I find them too boney on the whole, but that's another matter): most of those who oppose the EU find the Common Fisheries Policy rather, well, fishy. More on the 2006 Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act and Obama's plans for catch and trade in due course. Or possibly not.


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