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Westminster expenses

Mark Devenport | 06:45 UK time, Thursday, 18 June 2009

I'm in the office early to do an interview with Good Morning Ulster about the publication of MPs' expenses online. If you are looking for the details on any of our 18 local MPs you can find them here. Something like 6,600 files are being published with as many as 1000 receipts per MP. But as you will see if you visit the site there are some large black blobs on many pages - evidence of the "redaction" process undertaken by the MPs and the Westminster authorities. So far, for example, I don't see any of the communications between the Fees office and MPs which pointed the Daily Telegraph to particularly interesting information. Nor are there any addresses, which may seem obvious for security purposes. But without them would we have known about the practice of "flipping" which has just cost another minister, Kitty Ussher, her job?


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