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The Reporters: US mid-terms

Katty Kay

About Katty Kay

I anchor the evening bulletins of BBC World News. We reach viewers around the world and an increasing share of US audiences on PBS and BBC America. The programme gives a half-hour window on the day's events from a global perspective.

I started my BBC career in Zimbabwe, reporting for the Africa service of BBC World Service radio, which gave me a sense of how important our language services are to the millions who rely on them around the globe. I went from Africa to London, where I got my first staff job with the corporation at Bush House in London. From there it was on to Japan as Tokyo correspondent.

After three years in Tokyo I landed in Washington where I have lived since 1996. I took some time out of the BBC to have children and to work for the Times of London in their Washington bureau. Print was a good education but I soon realised I prefer broadcasting. I returned to the BBC as an anchor in 2004.

I also appear regularly as a commentator on NBC's Sunday programmes, The Chris Matthews Show and Meet the Press, and on NPR's Diane Rehm show.

I was brought up in the Middle East as the daughter of a British diplomat. I studied French and Italian at Oxford, juggle journalism with raising my four children and spend what free time I have skiing and kite surfing.

Katty Kay is a presenter on BBC World

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