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Obama's community army

Justin Webb | 21:31 UK time, Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I am told the Obama team is working to find administration positions for its paid (former) campaign staffers, and one of the ideas it has hit on is community organizing.

In the coming weeks, the transition team will launch a nationwide community organizing initiative, using the Obama infrastructure/office space from the campaign.

The idea is that the staff and volunteers who worked on the campaign establish a permanent nationwide network.

For instance, if you want your local public school bus route changed, or want to run for city council, or want to take up any communuity issue, you go to the Organizing Office (in the same space where an Obama Campaign for Change Office used to be) and the staff help you launch your idea and support the project.

It is going to start in Chicago in days and it is coming to you - yes you - in Virgin, Utah soon.

Too much? I can see why they are doing it. FDR had the unions, Reagan had the conservative eggheads.

Obama needs someone - he needs a permanent movement of some sort, organising and cajoling... and just being there.


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