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Blagojevich and Obama

Justin Webb | 21:02 UK time, Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Is Obama damaged by the Blagojevich affair?

I suspect not - most Americans are not minded to think ill of a new president, particularly this president, particularly when there is no evidence of any kind suggesting that they should.

Efforts to link him with Mr Blagojevich will look cheap: the time is not right for Republican hopefuls to get any traction.

Though having said that, some sympathetic commentators were a little disappointed with Team Obama's initial handling of the news

This piece from earlier in the year is a nice overview of the President-elect's political life in Chicago.

A friend of mine told me once of being in a room with Mr Obama after he had done some business with some local wheeler-deelers and he joked that he wanted to wash his hands.

Looks to me that he did wash his hands rather thoroughly; and such an action - careful, forward thinking, unsentimental - would be in keeping with what we know to be his political character.


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