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Confirming our prejudices

Justin Webb | 17:39 UK time, Wednesday, 19 November 2008

As the post mortems continue on the Republican side the idea that the media essentially stole the election for Obama is a pervasive theme supported (they say) by this kind of evidence.

Is it true? Perhaps is the answer provided here. But wait. We know that electors' brains work oddly - we know they tend to remember and enjoy affirmative information about a favoured candidate and block out dissonance, from whatever source. I wonder whether all the documentary proves is that this indeed happens. I would be interested to know whether a similar number of McCain supporters would have been able to parrot all the anti-Obama lines but might have been "ignorant" of McCain's view that the fundamentals of the economy were sound, or Palin's view that the view of Russia from her state somehow constituted foreign policy experience? I see the documentary maker has offered to pay for a similar poll if it turns out that Republicans were as deluded...

This is the offer: "Ziegler's offered a double-or-nothing deal to anyone who wants to recreate the same poll for McCain voters.  If that survey shows the same results, he'll pay the cost of both polls, but if the results are significantly different, the challenger has to pay for both polls (reimburse Ziegler for the first)."

Who dares come up with the cash?


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