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Bad losers and bad finishers

Justin Webb | 21:49 UK time, Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Truman camp - as they should be called - deserve a better hearing. Here is the case for McCain confounding "all the smarties" as Louis Mencken (I think it was him) called the pundits in 1948.

Dine with Mover and Shaker Democrats right now and the refrain is always the same: "Can this just be over?" The concentration on the McCain camp post-mortems leads me to wonder what the fall-out would be were Obama to lose. A friend shows me an email - vituperative bordering on barmy - from a prominent Hillary Clinton person on the subject of Obama and his fraudulent victory (over Hillary, not McCain) won in caucus votes that were fixed and aided by a media fuelled by misogyny and the desire for a new story. Should the famously bad finisher finish famously badly next Tuesday there will be scenes of mayhem - not just on the streets but in the salons as well; in fact the latter will be bloodier.


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