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Too kind to burn witches

Justin Webb | 09:15 UK time, Thursday, 18 September 2008

At the risk of losing some friends, I must say I think some of the anti-Palin stuff in comments on recent postings has gone way over the top.

She is not the harbinger of some dark witch-burning retreat into superstition and irrationality.

Even if she became president the Democrats would control Congress, and anyway her views (on abortion for instance) are simply unpopular in the nation as a whole.

Look at the polls. Look at what happened in South Dakota when they tried a Palin-style law against almost all abortions. It was struck down.

The changes of heart on the Bridge to Nowhere et al suggest as well that she is a politician (yippee!) and well capable of bending with the flow, so don't expect her to call for witches to be burned if that doesn't play too well in the focus groups.

Americans are generally too kindly to take to all this Old Testament stuff in really large numbers and the creationist museum in Kentucky is - literally and metaphorically - isolated.

The social conservaties perished (well, all right, lost this battle) with Terri Schiavo.


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