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A chance to be different

Justin Webb | 22:32 UK time, Sunday, 20 July 2008

Gosh, I think some of you have over-reacted a tad to my concern about Obama and the foreign press: of course he has the right to do what he fancies and of course foreigners have no God-given fourth estate call on his time and concerns.

My point is a gentler one - that Obama himself might have missed a chance to be different, and I do believe as well that people who deal confidently and ably with a broad range of issues and questions (the BBC would not ask the same questions as CNN) are often better able to iron out the internal contradictions and wrinkles in their views: it makes a difference and it does so at the level of substance.

But having said that I am quite certain they will choose their moment to talk to us - and as I said in the last post I have every confidence that they make these decisions with sure-footedness. I see the bloggers on The Times are pretty sanguine about it all anyway, so maybe it was just me...


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