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It's the Bill, stupid

Justin Webb | 03:33 UK time, Thursday, 5 June 2008

Neither Barack Obama nor I want to spend Saturday with Hillary Clinton in Washington. I will let him decide whether we do.

I have tried repeatedly to view the website for those who want to force Hillary Clinton onto the ticket but it seems to be overwhelmed. Is this a story?

Me, I agree with the first sentence of this and it's not just the perceived gracelessness of her demeanour in recent hours: it's the simple fact that Barack Obama does not want That Man down the corridor. He wants Bill for his ambassador to Vanuatu. It's the Bill, stupid. And the Bill issue is not just the Library and the opacity of the funding (the donors list is secret) and the potential for special prosecutors to be beating the doors down looking for him - it is the simple fact of his presence.

Obama is confident (arrogant?) enough to want to sink or swim on his own. If she wants to marshal his healthcare plans in the Senate, fine; anything more is dreamland.


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