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Campaign nostalgia

Justin Webb | 19:02 UK time, Monday, 16 June 2008

Back in England for a short visit, I receive this and am transported back to New Hampshire and Indiana and the National Building Museum.

Funny how long ago so much of the campaign seems now; a reminder of how distant so many of today's issues will seem by November (Barack Obama's vice-presidential vetting team etc) when the actual votes are cast.

In the meantime will Obama go Virginian? Should he?

This article sets out the reasons why he might not get quite the support in Virginia that LBJ managed but also seems to me to make the perfect case for a Virginian vice-presidential pick - who could easily bag the necessary extra votes.

Warner is out, Kaine is insufficiently schooled in foreign and military affairs: It will be Senator Jim Webb.

Tim Russert cannot be replaced. His position in American politics goes with him. This is the dilemma now for NBC but also for American broadcasting.

As an outsider I would pick David Gregory - he is tough and witty and full of character. Did I seriously see somewhere that Katie Couric was in the running...?


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