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The Clintons' future

Justin Webb | 19:57 UK time, Saturday, 10 May 2008

Personally, I think the Clintons are perfectly capable of siding very forcefully with Obama come November - by then it'll be in their interests, hers for the immediate future of her role in the party and the Senate, and his to rescue his legacy.

Of course, there will be talk about what Hillary thinks, or what she said privately about his campaign, but by then there will be bigger issues and prizes on everyone's minds.

It is also a fact that the widely-held perception that poor and badly educated white voters tend to be motivated by visceral attachment to social rather than economic interests (even Obama himself appears to believe it) is simply not true.

Any amount of academic literature confounds this trite theory, one of the more lucid contributions came shortly after "bittergate" from Larry Bartels.

So these people are still out there to be persuaded by any candidate, Democratic or Republican. Some will not vote for a black man but plenty might.

Meanwhile, the dislike of the Clintons within the party is at fever pitch and this tasteless but funny video (not for those who are offended by obscene language) rams it home.


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