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The campaign starts

Justin Webb | 08:20 UK time, Friday, 16 May 2008

The election campaign proper has started now, supporters of John McCain are turning their attention to winning, or more precisely how to win.

And this, from team McCain, is not a bad early effort:

If the choice comes down to "change" or "victory", McCain's newly tweaked more positive message might well play strongly...

This too is a sign of seriousness about winning - perhaps the McCain people have been using their spare time in recent weeks more usefully than some Democrats imagine.

Meanwhile, I see my friend Gerry Baker of the London Times has Obama's number.

This is the key point: "This [positive] media narrative is not only an outgrowth of the journalists' natural enthusiasm for a Democrat such as Mr Obama. It is also a clever ploy to pre-emptively de-legitimise any Republican critique of the Democratic nominee. It is designed to prevent Mr McCain from asking reasonable questions about Mr Obama's strikingly vacuous political background, or raising doubts about his credentials for the presidency."


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