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Clinton's scrappiness

Justin Webb | 06:36 UK time, Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Are people charmed by Mrs Clinton's scrappiness? Impressed by her inability to die? Not the New York Times, I see, with the paper apparently unendorsing its candidate in no uncertain terms.

Up the I95 freeway, the Boston Globe is sticking with its Obama endorsement unmoved by the New York senator's Pennsylvania bounce. If it is a bounce. It certainly allows her to stay in the race without being laughed out of court, however horrified is the New York Times. This is the calmest take on what has happened.

Ultimately the case she is making to the superdelegates is that her people, her Democrats, won't vote for Obama - key groups will not back him and that is proved by Pennsylvania. Fred Barnes - is he now an admirer? - sets it out clearly here.

The point is that these Democrats only have to sit on their hands in a few key states and the party loses. But will they? This analysis from the ABC report on the exit polls is surely spot on:

"If Obama does win the nomination, a quarter of Pennsylvania Democrats voting today say they'd either support John McCain or sit out the contest entirely; if Clinton's the nominee, one in six said they'd either vote for McCain or sit it out. That, however, may indicate the heat of the Democratic contest more than it predicts the future; the question's akin to asking a quarreling couple what they'll be doing for Valentine's Day. It might end ugly - but they also may kiss and make up."


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