Turbulent priest issue

  • Justin Webb
  • 18 Mar 08, 08:50 AM GMT

Apologies for coming rather late to the turbulent priest issue but the Obama speech allows me to catch up. Here is the charge he has to bat away. Can he do it? More to the point how could he possibly have imagined he could avoid these matters - arrogance perhaps?

Jeremiah meanwhile is skewered here by Joe Scarborough. I can well understand that the black folk memory of America is hugely different to the white version but is this what black people really think? Is that what they were thinking five days after 9/11? Fascinating if it is true. Amazing that the ambitious Barack Obama could not break with this talk for fear of alienating a key constituency. And rather depressing for Americans keen on future harmony.

As for the big race between Him and Her, Richard Lake links us to the suggestion that Mrs Clinton might like to become Senate Majority Leader - I must say the idea of stepping into Harry Reid's shoes as opposed to George Bush's just does not seem to me to be likely to fire up the Clinton imagination.

Judge Drudge makes a trenchant point about Obama which may well turn out to be true: that he has fallen to earth. His judgement is as flawed as hers. In fact at the risk of upsetting everyone on the Democratic side I wonder whether the conventional wisdom (which I fully accepted) that the Democrats were choosing between two titans, is rather flawed. Their inability to knock each other out speaks of a certain weakness does it not?

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