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The Reporters: US mid-terms

Jamie Coomarasamy

About Jamie Coomarasamy

I have a degree in modern languages (Russian and French) from Trinity Hall, Cambridge and I began my BBC career as a locally hired fixer/producer in Moscow in 1991 (just after the August coup).

I stayed in Moscow until January 1994, covering the events surrounding the collapse of the Soviet Union - mainly for the BBC, but also as a freelancer producer/reporter. I worked in the World Service TV newsroom in London for much of 1994, before being sent back to Moscow as staff producer.

I spent a further three years there, producing and reporting - covering events such as the first war in Chechnya and President Yeltsin's dramatic re-election campaign in 1996. From the end of 1997 to the middle of 1999 I was the BBC's Warsaw correspondent, covering central Europe.

I then worked for three months as a London-based reporter on the Today programme, before being posted to Paris as a BBC correspondent there. I spent four years in France - covering events such as the long-running row between the UK and France over the Sangatte refugee camp and the 2002 presidential election, which saw the far right leader Jean Marie le Pen make it to the run off with President Chirac.

I then worked as a reporter on Newsnight, before moving to London to be Europe reporter for BBC World's The World Today in 2003. I was sent to cover the last few weeks of the 2004 US Presidential campaign and - since January 2005 - I've been Washington correspondent for BBC World Service radio; reporting on everything from presidential and congressional politics, to space shuttle launches and Oscar ceremonies.

I'm married with two children.

Jamie Coomarasamy is a Washington correspondent for BBC News.

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