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A case of stolen identity

James Reynolds | 11:07 UK time, Thursday, 7 May 2009

What do you do when one of your classmates is smarter than you? You can try to copy their homework. You can sit back and hope that they fail miserably in life. Or, you can steal their exam results, their name, and their entire identity as well.

The victim - Luo Caixia - lost her identity when a classmate stole her scores in the national college entrance exam. This exam can be the most important single moment in a young person's life - what you get in this test decides whether or not you can get into university. So, if you get cheated out of your results (and your identity as well) you'll probably be pretty angry.

Here's a range of comments we've translated from Chinese websites...

"Well, if you want to start investigating all the faking problems created by the powerful and the rich, there's too many to check."

"This is nothing. Two of my high school classmates didn't get good enough scores, but they managed to fake their results so that they could be accepted by universities. Could it be better than this? This is a world that belongs to the powerful people."

"I'm sympathetic to what Luo Caixia is going through, but I don't think she should seek revenge and push the other family. The official already said sorry, why does she have to push them off the cliff? The university graduates nowadays are just about revenge, it doesn't solve any problems."

"If someone really looks into this, I bet there're people who just do this as a profession, faking people's identity."

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