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The Twitter election

Brian Taylor | 15:44 UK time, Friday, 9 April 2010

Apologies for slight delay in blogging on this topic - I was engrossed in presenting my Big Debate on the wireless.

One questioner inquired whether this would be the "Twitter election". Certainly is for Labour in Moray.

(That particular issue arose during the debate, in a different context.)

Labour's candidate Stuart MacLennan has been sacked for posting abusive comments about rivals, fellow party members and indeed, it would appear, much of the public at large.

Pretty well everything, it would seem, upset Stuart. You name it, he had a pathetic comment to offer, tedious yet unpleasant too. Cicero, he was not.

'Anonymous bile'

Labour dithered about sacking him - but have now dispensed with his contribution to this election.

In the statement, Labour invited their rivals to do the same, should comparable circumstances arise. That goes without saying - and indeed should have gone without being said.

Simple contrition would have sufficed on this particular occasion - rather than an attempt to implicate others, however much Labour may feel members of other parties are similarly intemperate in spouting noxious, anonymous bile on the web.

PS: While waiting for this new post, my online colleagues kept open the responses to an earlier blog to allow you, our readers, to comment. As promised. As delivered.


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