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They've got what it takes

Brian Taylor | 15:04 UK time, Friday, 17 April 2009

And so we have the new SNP campaign slogan for the period ahead.

It is this: "We've got what it takes."

Brace yourself for endless repetition. Indeed, but an hour old, it has already been aired with unstinting determination at the party's spring conference in Glasgow.

Being the wag that I am, I ventured to a senior party figure that it made a difference from the approach which might honestly be taken by politicians in this period of economic turmoil - which would be "we'll take what you've got".

This insolence received, quite rightly, a pale, watery smile in response.

The new campaign motto is, of course, a single transferable slogan. It can refer to the SNP - or to Scotland.

The accompanying literature gives prominence to the Saltire, not the party logo.

With one bound, the SNP hope both to advance their own credentials to govern - and, simultaneously, to counter suggestions that Scotland would struggle to an exceptional extent under independence.

In her address to the conference, Nicola Sturgeon is attempting to translate slogan into action.

She's announcing 600 more cleaners for Scottish hospitals - and more money for council housing.

Both designed to improve public service provision - and create jobs.

PS: As ever, the conference is accompanied by a trade fair of exhibitors. They advertise their presence in the conference handbook.

One enthusiastic contributor perhaps needs to update its "cut and paste" approach.

It informs stalwart Nationalists that "the Labour Party conference is an ideal opportunity" for engagement.

The organisation in question? The Association for Public Service Excellence.


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