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The "S" word

Brian Taylor | 12:49 UK time, Thursday, 16 April 2009

He said it. Sorry, that is.

The prime minister finally uttered the S word in respect of the email smears despatched by his former special adviser Damian McBride.

This was in response to a "doorstep" question from my esteemed colleague Alison MacDonald in Glasgow.

When the word emerged, it sounded remarkably unthreatening, little different from the previous "regrets" which he had delivered in letters to the potential targets of Mr McBride's bile.

However, Team Brown plainly hope that it is quantitatively different: that it may finally close down the remarkable row which has pursued the PM all week.

Mr Brown is hosting a meeting of his Cabinet in Glasgow this afternoon.

He wanted that to be a restatement of the UK Government's economic strategy - and a counterblast to the SNP, arguing for example that Scotland alone would not have been able to rescue the banks.

Again, the calculation is clear: any hope of success for that initiative was being undermined by the email row, by the persistent suggestion of corrosive rot at the core of government in the UK.

Will Mr Brown's rivals let it rest now that the PM has said sorry? What do you think?

Yes, I thought that might be your response.


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