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Deal on the table

Brian Taylor | 13:23 UK time, Wednesday, 14 November 2007

John Swinney arrived at Holyrood a short time ago to deliver his spending statement this afternoon. He was, understandably, giving no information.

A student of political history, he undoubtedly remembers the Chancellor who had to resign because he gave a line from his budget to a journalist on the way into the Commons.

(For the purists, it was Hugh Dalton in 1947. The journalist was John Carvel.)

But here’s a little snippet – not from Swinney, J. Seems there is a deal on the cards over a council tax freeze. But it’s with Cosla leaders – not with individual councils.

Those of you who were listening to BBC Radio Scotland this morning at 0633 (whaddyamean, you were asleep) will know the outline.

If a council signs up to the Cosla-recommended freeze, it gets access to the extra pot of gold on offer from Ministers. If it doesn’t, it won’t.


  • 1.
  • At 02:29 PM on 14 Nov 2007,
  • Chris Townsend wrote:

Didn't hear you on Radio Scotland this morning Brian, but I did hear you on Radio 4 just after 8 o'clock.

Is it just me or do you polish up your BBC diction before addressing a UK-wide audience?

  • 2.
  • At 07:37 PM on 14 Nov 2007,
  • subrosa wrote:

Well done Mr Swinney. Make the councils choose.

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