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Standing where?

Betsan Powys | 13:16 UK time, Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The question most heard in Cardiff Bay these days?

Heard who's standing in ...?

Some of today's answers for you.

Myfanwy Davies, who fought Llanelli for Plaid Cymru in the General Election, is now putting her hat into the ring for a seat on the South Wales West list. What a busy electoral bit of Wales that's turning out to be.

First Conservative Alun Cairns wanted out having won a Westminster seat for but was asked by his party to double up as a list AM until next May. The fight to take over the Tory list slot is yet to come.

Peter Black intends to stay put on the list for the Lib Dems and so, by all accounts, are the two Plaid members who won the other two seats last time round - Bethan Jenkins and Dai Lloyd. Plaid just squeezed that last spot in 2007, the maths just about defeating us as dawn was breaking outside the studios.

Now the news, on her blog, that Myfanwy Davies is going for a slot on the Plaid list. As one Plaid watcher just put it rather more bluntly than I'll put it here: someone's just parked their tank on the Jenkins lawn.

And how about this for a pub quiz question?

Which Welsh politician it hoping to represent the same constituency in the same institution for three different parties?

The answer, of course, John Marek. The closing date for those interested in fighting Wrexham for the Tories passed some days ago. Mr Marek's name is in the mix at least, though locally the suggestion is that nothing's in the bag for him.

He won Wrexham for Labour in 1999 , for the John Marek Independent Party in 2003 before losing to Labour in 2007 .... before becoming a Conservative a few months ago. Conservatives who've already made it to Cardiff Bay reckon he's the favourite to fight Wrexham for them. Mr Marek is, for now, staying stumm.

His independent following - put together with the Conservative vote - would give him a shout. Question is how many of those who backed him when he took on Labour for being too far to the right will fancy putting a cross in the John Marek Conservative box? I can't imagine it's that many.

I've just bumped into Lesley Griffiths in the lift, the Labour AM who ousted him last time round. She was, let's say, pretty sanguine about the news.

If Ron Davies makes it back to Cardiff Bay as the Plaid member for Caerphilly, a reunion party for the two former, newly-formed, members might be on the cards.

There's one guest list you wouldn't want to organise.


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