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"Why didn't Scots vote Tory?"

Betsan Powys | 16:45 UK time, Thursday, 17 June 2010

dci_gene_hunt_01_200x350.jpgNot very long ago David Melding got into his metaphorical Audi Quattro.

Before the General Election he was asked by a BBC Scotland programme, aired after the election, just why his party does so very badly there. The South Wales Central AM fired up the AQ and took a leap back to the 1980s and 1990s when "anti-Welshness" characerised his party. An example? The "unacceptable" and "shocking" practice - his words - of appointing English MPs as Secretaries of State for Wales.

"The party made some terrible errors in appointing English Secretaries of State for Wales" said Mr Melding. "I think it was quite unacceptable. I had some misgivings at the time though I wasn't courageous enough to speak out about it. But it really was shocking."

Out came the footage of John Redwood's spaced-out nodding-dog impression during the rendition of "Land of my Fathers" at the Welsh Conservative conference.

"We had Welsh Conservative MPs (then) and one of them should have been made Secretary of State" said Mr Melding.

Now it's true that Cheryl Gillan comes from Cardiff but those who voted her into Parliament come from Buckinghamshire.

So what does David Melding make of that, I wonder?

Then again, as Gene Hunt once said "Now is not the time to have a one night stand with your conscience."


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